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For questions about Stack Overflow's Error 404 page, and where, when, and why it appears. (Related: [broken-link].)

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What has happened to question #411290?

There's this question at Meta Stack Exchange and an answer to it. First comment under this answer points to the following question: Why do people think functional programming will catch on? http://...
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Dead links in settings [closed]

I found some dead links in my settings: Both of these links redirect to ...
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Add link to "Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story" from the 404 page for Jobs

Currently, when visiting old SO Job URLs (e.g., the visitor will be redirected to the 404 page which says: Page not found Oh no! We can't find the page you're looking ...
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Clicking on the last page of the "Recently Active Questions" gives "Page not found" error

If I go to Stack Overflow's Recently Active Questions tab, and select last page present in the pagination, many times I would get "Page not found": Other times, when I do get the last page, ...
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Reputation history links to not-existing or inaccessible Collective article

This might be caused by the recently launched New responsive Activity page but I don't think so. I encountered this following the Meta Stack Exchange question When are hidden comunities displayed on ...
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The 404 icon is pushed to the top in the new 404 page

While visiting any deleted question, I see the icon of 404 is pushed to the top. Screenshot: Full Screenshot: To reproduce, go to any deleted question (for example this, if you are greater than 10K ...
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/users/integrations/slack/<user id> leads to 404 on other SE sites [closed]

While trying to change my profile on MSE, I accidentally tapped "Slack Integrations" on the left, which brought me to a 404 page. Should such thing exist only on SO and MSO? Should it be hidden ...
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Why does the direct link to the Ask a Question Wizard lead to a 404 for users who aren't in the test group?

I was trying to access the Ask A Question wizard, for the purposes of answering a question over on Meta Stack Exchange. The link to the wizard is supposedly at
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Sitemap returns HTTP 404 [duplicate]

I noticed earlier that the sitemap.xml linked in the robots.txt returns HTTP 404. On no sitemap is linked and on other Stack Exchange sites it's 404 again.
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I am prompted with "Page not found We're sorry, we couldn't find the page you requested" when attempting to edit my question

When I attempt to edit a question I asked on Stack Overflow, I am prompted a page stating: Page not found. We're sorry, we couldn't find the page you requested. I am using Firefox 64.xx and ...
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Clicking on "Add Info" takes me to the Express Interest 404

I can't reproduce this, but here's a description as best as I can make it: The first-time help popup tooltip thing on the Express Interest button on this job had a button that said "Add Info". I didn'...
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Channels 404 page shows 0 reputation [closed]

When I go to a page in Channels which doesn't exist, like this one, a link to my profile is shown but it tells me I have 0 reputation:
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Bring back the 404 polyglot

A couple days ago, the Stack Overflow 404 page was changed to no longer contain the polyglot program that had been present since at least 2009. The given reason, according to Why was the 404 page ...
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2 answers

Why was the 404 page changed to not include the "program"?

We're sorry, we couldn't find the page you requested. We did, however, find...wait, what happened to it? It was just here a second ago. The Stack Overflow 404 error page no longer contains that ...
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The 404 page refers to a now-nonexistent program

The 404 program, in all its glory, is gone... The text, however, still refers to "this program", out of nothingville. You can still see the original 404 program, as well as an explanation here: What&...
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"Object moved to here." text is in the wrong position on Stack Overflow Chat's error page

On the HTTP version of the Stack Overflow chat error page, the "Object moved to here." text is in the wrong position and it's barely even visible. (I'm not sure why the text is even there, ...
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Page Not Found bug or SO showing wrong URL in story preferences screen

I got page not found error when I go to these below links. I already cleared the catch and also I have opened and checked this in a ...
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The /questions/no-answer URL is not accessible for everyone

When I go to this link : I get a 404 page ! I already have confirmation from other user that this link is valid, so I investigated a bit in the Chrome ...
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Question briefly returned a basic 404 page [duplicate]

I attempted to add a tag to this question, and got an error message "an error occurred" or something like that. Reloading the page showed this basic 404 page: A few moments later, the question ...
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404: Program not found on mobile [duplicate]

The polyglot program is nowhere to be found on the 404 page when visiting it on mobile. (Chrome on Android 7.0, to be exact.) Meta-404, wow.
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Meta shows the Stack Overflow Jobs 404 page

Stack Overflow Jobs has a different 404 page: When entering a non-existing URL starting with (like this one), instead of the usual 404 polyglot, a different, SO-Jobs-...
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Where would the temp chat record go?

Sometimes I would like to browse chat context in questions/answers because it may be useful to clarify the question, but sometimes I can see some chat rooms 'Page not found' already (e.g.: here). Is ...
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'Needs Improvement' button 404ing [closed]

I go here: There is one topic that needs improvement, I click 'Improve' it goes here:
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Public Developer's Story 404

I setup my developer's story and made it public but when I try to open it using an "incognito" browser to simulate someone other than me or someone who is not logged in to view it I get a 404 error. ...
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Make /posts/postId/ redirect to the post or have links to the revisions & timeline, instead of a 404

While I was looking at the new feature I discovered (post timeline), I took a look at all the features that come with a post: See post revisions using;...
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Chat keeps telling me I need 20 reputation points to talk there

I asked a question a few days ago and another user and I got into discussion in the comments. We then transferred this communication to the chat, but it seems that it no longer exists. I assume that ...
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"Something bad happened" instead of "Page Not Found" in Jobs tab

When going to non-existent job, e.g. I am greeted with a lol-dev: (aka "Oops! Something bad happened!" aka 500 Internal Server error) While it's much more funny ...
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What's the joke in the Stack Overflow 404 page code?

I have journeyed thus and bruised into the lands of the error page on Stack Overflow. There, upon the hill I see a vision as such: For those reading with images off: # define v putchar # define ...
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