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Questions tagged [10th-anniversary]

For questions about the festivities in Fall 2018 to celebrate Stack Overflow's 10th birthday on September 27, 2018.

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What happened to the 'au festival' part of Stack Overflow's 10th anniversary?

First, I'd like to congratulate Stack Overflow for turning 10 years old this year! (A remarkable feat!) Now, getting to my question ... In the post, Happy 10th anniversary Stack Overflow! Commence .....
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Happy 10th anniversary Stack Overflow! Commence ... au festival!

Stack Overflow turns 10 years old today. In the world of Internet startups, that's a pretty big deal — most assumed we would have flopped or gotten ourselves acquired by now. Many of us have had pets ...
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Is anything special planned for the 10 years anniversary of Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

It would be nice. The oldest post of Stack Overflow is from July 31st 2008:
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