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Questions tagged [10k-tools]

Additional tools which are available to users with a reputation of 10,000 or higher.

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Filter 10k tools by a tag

It would be great to be able to look at 10k Tools separated / filtered by a given tag. When looking at the existing tools, everything is dominated by the popular topics like C++, C# and Java. It makes ...
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The 10k tools could do with some love

Related posts: Filter 10k tools by a tag Give some features to the “Late Answers” page Looking at the 10k tools used for reviewing, users are presented with this monstrosity: Could this page and ...
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Enhance the "Delete list" of the moderator tools

Users with at least 10k reputation gain access to moderator tools. This tool covers lots of data around Stack Overflow: new answers to old questions, recently protected questions, but also a sort-of ...
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Allow "View Deleted Posts" privilege (and other 10k tools) based on Helpful Flagging?

As background, I think most people know that there's a smaller sub-community of users here who do a lot of the flagging of posts suspected to be generated by AI/LLM (e.g., ChatGPT). Flags are welcome ...
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Can we have links to tag-filtered review queues on tag pages or the 10k tools page?

Currently I'm focusing on a few tags, and it would be great if I could get an option to filter privilege tools for specific tags, either in Moderator Tools or an option in the tag's header section: . ...
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19 votes
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Inline tag editor has buggy animation

I recently earned access to moderator tools (yay!) and noticed the "animation" that looks rather buggy when opening / closing the inline tag editor tool: Specifically, I'm talking about: the jumpy, ...
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12 votes
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The 10k-tools reopen votes "sort by close votes" should be "sort by reopen votes"

I recently hit 10k and got to look at the 10k tools. While fiddling around with it, I discovered that after clicking "sort by close reason" on the Reopen Votes section, the link to go back has the ...
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Moderation Tools - undeletable post appears in delete candidates list

In the 10k Moderation Tools -> "Delete votes" -> "Most Votes" list, there appears Sending emails in Node.js? [closed]. However, that post is locked and so not eligible for (...
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8 votes
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Is the "pending delete-vote" list complete?

One of the moderator tools is the "delete votes" list. Does the "most votes" list (after expanding the small triangle) contain all posts with delete votes, or is it just a small sample? If so, how ...
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On 10k Tools page, the "Highest score" question titles overlap "Lowest score" titles

The default view on the Tools page looks fine, but when I click on "Highest score" under the "Questions with extreme score" heading to see the expanded list, some of the question ...
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/tools/post-feedback times out

I can't access anonymous and low rep post feedback page because every time I try I get time out.
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6 votes
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Posts deleted as spam are listed in "10k Tools - Recently Deleted" section, until the user is deleted?

In the 10k Tools - Recently Deleted section, posts spam-nuked (red-flagged) by users are displayed there alongside other deleted posts. I found one such instance of such a post, and proceeded to ...
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Offensive answers are not censored in "new answers to old questions" moderator tool

In the New Answers to Old Questions moderator tool (accessible starting with 10k of reputation), it seems answers that were automatically deleted because 6 spam / offensive flags were raised are not ...
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Give some features to the "Late Answers" page

I was going through the "Late Answers" page in the 10K moderator tools (not the review queue) and noticed something... annoying. Anytime I wanted to act on a post, like upvoting it because it was ...
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5 votes
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Flag review queue fades to much after reviewing

The bug When moving your mouse from an already reviewed flag, it'll fade. However, when opening the close dialog, not only the question fades, but also 3 of the 5 close vote reasons. The context I ...
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4 votes
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Recent Votes is covered by Most votes

Today when I visit a Tools section Recent votes is covered by Most votes. First I think css is not load properly so I refresh page several time but still same result. Its only happen on Reopen Votes ...
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Recently Deleted posts in moderator tools misses some questions

About 4 hours ago, a question was deleted by its author. However, the question is not included in the "Recently Deleted" posts in the moderator tools: As we can see in the image above, we have ...
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Top-align "count" cells in moderation tools summary tables

Maybe it's just me, but the summary tables in the moderation tools would be a lot more readable if the "count" columns were top-aligned. It seems like all that's needed is to add vertical-align: top; ...
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