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Additional tools which are available to users with a reputation of 10,000 or higher.

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Removing deleted answers from view

I recently gained access to moderator tools. One of the privileges is viewing deleted posts. I understand why it's important for experienced users to have this feature. As stated in the description, ...
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Add an option to hide deleted answers when we reach 10k? [duplicate]

Now that I have 10k rep, I see the deleted answers. I'd rather not see them unless I ask to. Is there a way to hide them? Short of starting some bounties, that is.
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The 10k tools could do with some love

Related posts: Filter 10k tools by a tag Give some features to the “Late Answers” page Looking at the 10k tools used for reviewing, users are presented with this monstrosity: Could this page and ...
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Where have all the scrollbars gone?

For some reason, scrollbars at least in the revision history and in the 10k NATO tool aren't present in code blocks, and cause obnoxious effects like this: ... or in the 10k NATO tool: Not sure ...
38 votes
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Make the New Answers to Old Questions real time

The 10k privileges has a great additional advantage of looking at New Answers to Old questions. However, the updates are not real time like the other pages on Stack Overflow. Additionally, there is ...
8 votes
2 answers

Inline tag edit design inconsistency

I couldn't find details of when this was implemented, but it seems like this old request was implemented, although it's not marked as status-completed: The design for always having the inline edit ...
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What is the point of 10k users seeing deleted stuff?

I know that 10k users are able to see deleted questions but what's the point of that? A question is deleted because it is low-quality, off-topic or badly recieved. I guess the reason behind this is ...
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82 votes
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Enhance the "New Answers to Old Questions" moderator tool

TL;DR: Enhance the "New Answers to Old Questions" moderator tool by giving me controls to vote, flag, edit, and comment on a post all without leaving the queue. Users with at least 10k reputation ...
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62 votes
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Filter 10k tools by a tag

It would be great to be able to look at 10k Tools separated / filtered by a given tag. When looking at the existing tools, everything is dominated by the popular topics like C++, C# and Java. It makes ...
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60 votes
2 answers

Add a link to moderator tools to the new review dropdown menu

Could we get a link to in the new review dropdown menu? Only for >10k users obviously. I'll admit I'm lazy (remember, this is a virtue): the new UI now requires 3 ...
43 votes
1 answer

As 10/20K+, what moderation task helps most?

As 10K+ (actually 20K+, but that makes a rather small difference), there are several ways to help out with moderation. Close Votes Reopen Votes Low Quality Posts Suggested Edits First Posts Late ...
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40 votes
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Enhance the "Delete list" of the moderator tools

Users with at least 10k reputation gain access to moderator tools. This tool covers lots of data around Stack Overflow: new answers to old questions, recently protected questions, but also a sort-of ...
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26 votes
1 answer

What is the purpose of "New answers to old questions" listing?

Just got over the big 10k and I'm reading up on what's my rights and responsibilities. There's a list for viewing New answers to old questions in the moderator tools. When does it come in handy? Do ...
23 votes
1 answer

Remove Roomba's questions from the delete tools

I am refering to this tools page available at 10K Rep. I think it's a good idea if we only show questions that really deserve our delete votes and hide the ones that will get automatically deleted. It ...
19 votes
0 answers

Inline tag editor has buggy animation

I recently earned access to moderator tools (yay!) and noticed the "animation" that looks rather buggy when opening / closing the inline tag editor tool: Specifically, I'm talking about: the jumpy, ...
17 votes
1 answer

Zero delete votes remaining?

After voting to delete some questions via the 10k review tools, I came across this: I casted the third delete vote, but the question still hasn't been deleted. It displays that there are zero votes ...
12 votes
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"New answers to old questions" tool has a design bug

I would suspect it was introduced recently because I go there from times to times and this just caught my attention today. On the table from the main element of the "New Answers to Old Questions&...
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Moderation Tools - undeletable post appears in delete candidates list

In the 10k Moderation Tools -> "Delete votes" -> "Most Votes" list, there appears Sending emails in Node.js? [closed]. However, that post is locked and so not eligible for (...
5 votes
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Give some features to the "Late Answers" page

I was going through the "Late Answers" page in the 10K moderator tools (not the review queue) and noticed something... annoying. Anytime I wanted to act on a post, like upvoting it because it was ...