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Discussions require immediate moderation tooling, rep requirements and rate limiting

As of last night (between 19:00 and 21:00 UTC 07 January 2024) the discussion feature has started to be flooded with spam. Prior to that time, there were maybe 250~ posts on the Discussions Page, ...
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New users posting spam with links in Collective discussions

I have noticed a huge influx in spam posts, especially in the discussion section of the PHP collective. Most follow a similar format, with big headers at the top and then a link at the bottom. They ...
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Can we please red flag discussions?

Edit: you now can Another edit: They do nothing, so I've opened another thread for making the red flags function as red flags (now status-completed) Currently, we can flag discussions, which brings it ...
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Who is going to handle flags on content in the Collectives discussions feature?

A new site area for subjective discussions has been announced in the WeAreDevelopers talk and on SO Labs, scheduled for release in August 2023. My understanding is that the feature is just for ...
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Discussions experiment launching on NLP Collective

Discussions are now available within the following collectives: CI/CD Collective NLP Collective PHP Collective R Language Collective Today (August 21, 2023), Stack Overflow is launching an ...
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How to prevent question asking in Collective discussions

In the PHP collective, we are seeing a lot of discussion posts that should have been questions. These posts generally include a lot of code, which is a flag (in my mind) that they should have been a ...
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Does this question need more focus?

Recently, I've voted to close a meta question, which got instantly reopened by a CM after reaching 5 close votes. The question I'm referencing is this one. This question is about curating the new &...
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Users are posting links to questions they want answered in Collective discussions

Over the last little while, I've seen a number of posts like this one. Most likely, that will be removed shortly so here's a screenshot: Basically, a user encounters a question without a answer (or ...
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Collectives updates: new features and ways to get started with Discussions

Over the last month, we’ve released a number of updates related to Collectives and Discussions. This post details some of those and also notes some upcoming changes. Discovery updates Right sidebar ...
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How can I retract a flag I raised on a Discussion?

I raised a flag on a discussion in a collective to test out the flagging UI/UX assuming that I'd be able to retract the flag, and assuming that I'd be prompted with a dialog to select a flag reason ...
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Do we need a tag for questions about the Discussions experiment, or is there already a tag for stuff announced in Stack Overflow Labs?

The Discussions experiment was announced in July on the Stack Overflow blog and the Stack Overflow Labs microsite. The Discussion experiment started on the NLP collective and was expanded to other ...
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Does Discussions Beta have its own RSS feed for tags?

I'm trying to find if there is a Discussions-specific RSS feed like there is for questions. I would like to find and respond to items with a particular tag or two. Is this possible?
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