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Sunsetting Documentation

We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 2017 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to ...
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OverflowAI Search is now available for alpha testing (September 13, 2023)

A few weeks ago, Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar spoke at the WeAreDevelopers conference to announce some exciting features we have been working on. On that day, we also shared a small ...
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January 2024 post from Ryan Polk, Chief Product Officer

Ryan Polk, our new(ish) Chief Product Officer, has published his first blog post, which speaks to the path to socially responsible AI and his vision for the place that Stack Overflow has in that. As ...
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The user research behind Discussions

As you might have noticed, we launched an experiment on Stack Overflow called Discussions (currently only available within the NLP Collective). This post is the origin story behind this feature, ...
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Expanding Discussions: Let's talk about curation

UPDATE: Dec 13, 2023 - Discussions flag reasons are now available. This week, we are expanding the Discussions experiment to the R Language, CI/CD, and PHP Collectives. Moving beyond the initial ...
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How much deviation from Stack Overflow's guidelines is too much?

There's a Discussion on the NLP Collective which asks about validity of questions which seek recommendations, are broad, or would generally lead to opinionated answers. I am quoting the Discussion ...
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Update on Collectives and Discussions

We’ve got some interesting and important updates for you today. Notably, a new collective is launching, focused on Mobile Development. There’s a separate post about that new collective where those ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer useful

I have the reputation points that I have, because I truly loved this platform. I fear now that with all of these seemingly arbitrary rules, we now have a stagnant community, where power users, such as ...
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Collectives Updates to the Community Bulletin in the Right Sidebar

Update — January 19, 2024 We are concluding this experiment effective January 19 and the module will no longer appear for users. The objective was to increase traffic to the Collectives-specific ...
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New Collective: Mobile Development – Scope, community, and questions

Today, the Mobile Development Collective is launching on Stack Overflow. In case you’re new to Stack Overflow or want a refresher, collectives helps users find trusted answers faster, connect with ...
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Not many discussions created by high-rep users

I took a look at the discussions feature of SO, and it seems like almost all of the new discussions are created by users of less than 100 reputation points. Is this actually true? Do more experienced ...
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Who is going to handle flags on content in the Collectives discussions feature?

A new site area for subjective discussions has been announced in the WeAreDevelopers talk and on SO Labs, scheduled for release in August 2023. My understanding is that the feature is just for ...
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Does this question need more focus?

Recently, I've voted to close a meta question, which got instantly reopened by a CM after reaching 5 close votes. The question I'm referencing is this one. This question is about curating the new &...
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Do we need a tag for questions about the Discussions experiment, or is there already a tag for stuff announced in Stack Overflow Labs?

The Discussions experiment was announced in July on the Stack Overflow blog and the Stack Overflow Labs microsite. The Discussion experiment started on the NLP collective and was expanded to other ...
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Does Discussions Beta have its own RSS feed for tags?

I'm trying to find if there is a Discussions-specific RSS feed like there is for questions. I would like to find and respond to items with a particular tag or two. Is this possible?
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