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Let's have a "Tidy Up" button!

Code formatting is one of the major contributor to review queue. I've seen "Tidy Up" buttons in .NET Fiddle and JSFiddle and Current Situation I currently have to go to JSFiddle, paste my code, ...
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Why are there so many bad questions?

I mostly lurk here and have been browsing some of my favorite tags. What I notice is the vast majority of questions are awful. It's becoming a chore to wade through all of them because most of them ...
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How can we avoid "overhang" code indentation?

The single most common formatting mistake I see (many, many times per day) is code like this: string firstLineIsFine = "yup"; if (firstLineIsFine == "yup") { ...
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What might "responsible" (a.k.a. acceptable) use of AI look like on Stack Overflow?

Background: I have ~1,600 "helpful" flags for AI content, with 27 declined (and some marked helpful but not acted on), and another ~300 pending. In addition (without detailing specifics), I'...
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Conclusions from title-drafting and question-content assistance experiments conducted by Stack Exchange

We’d like to share some results from our experimentation with two earlier releases: the first, a tool to generate titles for your post, and the second, a tool to help users format their questions’ ...
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Are SE staff testing the AI formatting assistant on real questions?

I just stumbled across this edit in which a staff member made some English tweaks. What struck me as odd though, is that they added "thanks", which is considered noise and is supposed to be ...
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We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant

We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant experiment, which will help users format their question body and code according to the language they are using. The experiment is now ...
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Indent 8 spaces when clicking the Code Sample button after a list item

In order to format code in a numbered or bulleted list, you need to indent it eight spaces instead of the usual four. This is by design. If the Sample Code button is pressed when a user has a block ...
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Auto indent new line within a code block

When you type a code, and you press enter, the new line should be filled with x*4 spaces or x tabs. It's not that comfortable to copy tabs/spaces from the previous line, or paste the code to notepad, ...
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Punctuation characters being escaped in code

For the past couple of days, it seems that when users paste code into their questions, but don't put it into a proper code block, many punctuation characters are being automatically escaped with ...
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My post "appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code", but I did wrap code in <pre><code> tags [duplicate]

I was trying to answer a coding question in JavaScript. I had some code and used <pre><code>, put my code in, then typed </pre></code>. I then came across this error when ...
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Ask Wizard does not show the warning about images of code or errors [duplicate]

When a new user goes to upload an image, they're supposed to see a warning that says Images are useful in a post, but make sure the post is still clear without them. If you post images of code or ...
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Why do we still have strange escape backslashes appearing in question code?

I was wondering why would users have that weird backslashes when pasting code. Now I noticed that this is a persisting issue1, 2, 3. Why hasn't this been solved yet? See here. I've edited several ...
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Stack Overflow will not allow me to post this table (code not formatted as code error) [duplicate]

When I post the following table into an answer on Stack Overflow, it gives me the "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. " error. I was able to circumvent ...
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Make the editor hint users to add code fences when a curly brace in paragraph text leads into a code block

For curly-brace languages, it's not too difficult to find posts that are missing code fences with a high true-positive rate: Just find posts where paragraph text ends with an opening curly brace and ...
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