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Policy: Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT) is banned

Moderator Note: This post has been locked to prevent comments because people have been using them for protracted debate and discussion (we've deleted over 300 comments on this post alone, not even ...
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Moderation Strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and malign its volunteers

Note: as part of the strike organization, this post is a mirror of a post on MSE Update On August 2nd, 2023, negotiations between community representatives and representatives of the company ...
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2024 Moderator Election Q&A – Question Collection

The purpose of this thread was to collect questions for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now live, and you may find it here. Stack Overflow is scheduled for an election next week, 2024-02-27. ...
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How can we determine whether an answer used ChatGPT?

Following up from the bustling discussion as a consequence of the temporary ChatGPT ban, I guess the big gaping question is how can one determine if an answer used ChatGPT? As an example, @AKX ...
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Discussion: New AI-generated content policy

Recently Stack Exchange announced a new network-wide policy regarding AI-generated content: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? In short: moderators are prohibited from banning ...
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We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant

We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant experiment, which will help users format their question body and code according to the language they are using. The experiment is now ...
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How is Stack Overflow Inc. prepared for a possible moderation strike by community elected moderators on June 5?

It has come to my attention that some community-elected moderators have decided to enact a moderation strike on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network starting from the 5th of June. This is ...
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What is happening with flags for generative AI content?

I have several pending flags going back to mid-August that are all pending. They are all for ChatGPT generated content which is perhaps why they are yet to be dealt with. Is this a fallout of the ...
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Spam link added to an answer a few days after the initial posting

Previously, a user answered my question here, but it was later deleted as I reported it as spam. Initially, the answer did not really answer my question, only like rewrite my question and answer, and ...
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Is it true that moderator overreach is turning away a large number of users?

There is this post on meta that makes an announcement to the mods on some of the new requirements they will be needed to present before suspending a user who supposedly used AI to generate an answer. ...
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Why was this answer of mine deleted? [duplicate]

Yesterday, my answer got deleted by a moderator (@sideshowbarker). Being new to Stack Overflow, it's possible I broke a rule without knowing it, but could I get the reason so that I don’t repeat my ...
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Is ChatGPT content automatically detected?

Since ChatGPT content is (rightly) banned, is new content being run through an automatic AI detector? If users have to manually notice and flag content, a lot is going to slip through.
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