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Is it acceptable to post answers generated by an AI, such as GitHub Copilot? [duplicate]

Today, I stumbled upon this answer. In that answer, there is an explanation with the code: This code was written by Github Copilot with minimal supervision and nothing else. I see some potential ...
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ChatGPT should be incorporated into the site [duplicate]

ChatGPT is a tool. We should adopt all useful tools. This site is in the best position to do this adoption. I propose that before the question is published the OP gets the opportunity to read the ...
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User's first ever post wrongly (in my opinion) auto-deleted for being spam/abusive [duplicate]

The revision history shows the original post before it was auto-deleted. No abuse is apparent and the only "spam" is a link to a book on Amazon. Why was this deleted? https://stackoverflow....
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Query/overrule a moderator decision that might be misguided, or at least is very opaque [duplicate]

This is in regard to this question: Coldfusion DirectoryList Filter, and the answer for it by Boatti that has been deleted. Moderator Martijn Pieters has deleted the answer to this question, and ...
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How should answers citing ChatGPT be flagged? [duplicate]

Since the introduction of the plagiarized content flag, I've been steadily using it to flag answers clearly generated by ChatGPT (by clearly I mean I've gone to ChatGPT and had a chance to produce ...
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Current position on & proposal for the responsible use of AI on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

The current policies of Stack Overflow around the responsible use of AI are confusing and unclear, both for moderators and users. There was the old announcement that as a temporary policy any use of ...
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Why was my answer deleted without engaging me? [duplicate]

I'm a bit puzzled as to why my answer to a SE questions was deleted without further comment. There is just a laconic "One reason it's not useful is because the majority (if not the whole thing) ...
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Why was this answer of mine deleted? [duplicate]

Yesterday, my answer got deleted by a moderator (@sideshowbarker). Being new to Stack Overflow, it's possible I broke a rule without knowing it, but could I get the reason so that I don’t repeat my ...
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How do you plan on tackling ChatGPT answers? [duplicate]

I've came back to Stack Overflow (after a while) to test out ChatGPT. The OpenAI community has built something insane. I literally copy and pasted the SO input questions to the platform input and it ...
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Many answers were given in a short period [duplicate]

I just left a comment beneath an answer by a new user. The answer was wrong in several aspects. I visited their profile and was amazed at seeing they gave a staggering number of answers in a short ...
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Why was this answer deleted by a diamond moderator? [duplicate]

This answer was deleted by a diamond moderator. I see nothing wrong with that answer, and had up-voted it myself. image for those with <10K
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Moderation Strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and malign its volunteers

Note: as part of the strike organization, this post is a mirror of a post on MSE Update On August 2nd, 2023, negotiations between community representatives and representatives of the company ...
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2022 Community Moderator Election Results - now with two more mods!

Moderator election #14 on Stack Overflow has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderator is: They will be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for ...
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What is the impact of the moderation strike?

There is an ongoing moderation strike. Both parties have explained their standpoint: Moderation Strike update: Data dumps, choosing representatives, GPT data, and where we’re holding Statement from SO:...
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Remove the incentive for FGITW to answer well known dupes

TL;DR Where a dupe target has n number of duplicates closed against it, if future questions closed to that dupe target are answered, all the rep for those answers is nullified. This way, there is no ...
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