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Can we please have the "Lacks Minimal Understanding" close reason back?

That close reason Yes, I believe it was condescending and somewhat rude. However there is a mass of questions that fall under a crystal clear criteria: They're poorly written. They have formatting ...
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How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

I'm well aware that some research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users before they post any new questions, but I'm not sure just how much research effort is considered adequate. I asked a ...
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Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance

Overview As we know Stack Overflow has a closure process which users begin participating in at 15 reputation with flagging privileges and then later with full closure votes at 3000 reputation Recently,...
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Rule proposal: Duplicate closure to roll-up questions is no longer allowed

There is a long-festering problem in some tags where some questions are closed by dupehammers, using a single roll-up question as the duplicate target. A "roll-up" question is defined here ...
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What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

There's a subject I'm pretty good with. I like to share my knowledge with others through answers. Unfortunately, there's another user active in the tag who makes participation extremely frustrating. ...
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How many duplicates (if any) are enough to justify deletion of a question?

A user asked this question recently. There's no doubt it's well-written, but it's extremely poorly researched. This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times (at least in my 5 years in ...
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A plea against regex dogmatism

Note: This is about a perceived pattern of down-votes. If no such pattern actually exists, this post is moot; if there is such a pattern, I hope the users who contribute to it either reconsider their ...
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Question deleted after being closed for no apparent reason

Please read this older answer by a SO moderator about another question, a widely visited community wiki. This post is regarding this question (image here) This question was recently deleted (edit: ...
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Why delete a closed question waiting for review?

I have posted a question which wasn't correct in respect of the minimal reproducible example. It got closed, and two people voted for deletion. Why did they vote for deletion since the question will ...
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There's something rotten in the tag of regex, episode M + 1 of N: Unwarranted deletion of a question

This is about the, to me unwarranted, deletion of the following post: RegEx to selectively insert newlines (line breaks) works on, but not in PowerShell (screenshot, courtesy of Anon ...
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Can this information about the change of regex handling in HTML be preserved and how?

A question I posted an answer to was deleted: Why does a regex using an unescaped dash - character not seem to work in a pattern attribute in HTML but it works when testing on regex101? (Screenshot of ...
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What can I do when a community is openly hostile? [closed]

This can be considered a follow-up to the following. Because it's the same people and the same problem, but I have a few additional questions. What should we do when one person tries to delete every ...
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Request to let banned users ask one question every week [duplicate]

I noticed that other Stack Exchange sites allow banned users to post, but they limit the number of posts they can post per week to 1. Why wouldn't this site follow suit? I know the system can be ...
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Why was this question downvoted so heavily?

I was taking a look at my questions to do improvements due to my question ban. I noticed this question in particular which has a lot of downvotes and I can't understand why. It seems clear, has no ...
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