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Replace question downvotes and closure with a roomba-enabled "no community value" flag

I know how to mitigate the "fall of Stack Overflow". The site should be made newbie-friendly Or, rather, question-friendly. I realize that such a blunt suggestion is likely to be met with ...
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Why was my answer deleted for plagiarism, despite mentioning the source?

My answer was deleted by a mod for plagiarism. Why? It mentioned the source clearly ("code from gns-ank"). Answer: Since Matplotlib isn't able to use the metric system natively, if you want ...
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How should we handle answers that don't answer the question, but evaluate the performance of other answers?

I've often seen users post answers that don't bring a new solution to the question asked, but simply calculate the time performance of other answers. Answers like: I ran multiple iterations of all ...
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An old question is closed as unclear. It gets used as a dupe target. There is a much better target available. What should I do?

While trying to close a question about a common misconception, I initially found a dupe target at - call this question A. After some more effort, I found a ...
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Should a question manually list duplicates or related questions? If not, should I remove the list (in part)?

The version of question What should main() return in C and C++? as I post is simple in terms of what it's asking, but quite a long question because it ...
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Please reopen this question that was improved by the community

A couple years ago, this question was discussed on Meta. As a result, substantial improvements were made to its content, and the dominant community opinion seems to be that it's now good enough to ...
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Is it ok to list related questions at the end of my question?

Is it ok to place links to related questions at the end of my question using "related to" notices? Or it is bad practice on SO? I have some questions about one big problem, and I separate ...
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Is there any reason to keep a self answered question about an issue with beta software now resolved in the release version? [duplicate]

While working on some code using some new APIs in a beta release of Xcode 15 and iOS 17, I came across a bug and an ugly workaround. So I posted a question and a self-answer based on the issue and my ...
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Someone replaced [unity3d][mirror] with [unity3d][unity3d-mirror] [duplicate]

In the 10k tools, I found a new tag, unity3d-mirror, with 120 questions. When looking at these questions, it seems like some user took all questions tagged with both unity3d and mirror and replaced ...
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Establishing a canonical for shadowing builtins (especially causing TypeError) in Python

Background [Feel free to skip this section if you are familiar with Python. I just want to briefly explain the subject matter needed for the canonical - it should be easy to grasp for anyone with ...
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How should we deal with "tool/technique -> problem" and "problem -> tool/technique" question pairs?

There are a ton of old pairs of questions I've noticed on Stack Overflow of the general form: Q1. When would I use X rather than Y? A1. In situation S, using Y naively would cause a problem P. Using ...
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Could we have proper footnote elements?

Problem We currently don't have a dedicated way to create footnotes (although there are some workarounds here). The most commonly used approach is to use <sub> or <sup> tags. However, ...
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