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Grammatical error in new 'Introducing: Trending sort' info box [duplicate]

Upon coming to Stack Overflow for the usual reasons, I noticed the following panel on the top answer: In particular, the second paragraph begins as follows: Trending is based off of the highest ...
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Introducing Outdated Answers project

In our blog post last month on our Community & Public Platform strategy & roadmap for Q1 2021, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Today, I'll give you ...
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A/B testing of a "Trending" sort option for answers

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the Trending sort experiment. As we’ve been moving forward on the Outdated Answers project, one of the things that’...
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Outdated Accepted Answers: flagging exercise has begun

Update: The outcome of this exercise led two major site changes*: Accepted answers are no longer pinned. A new way to sort answers. See Trending: A new answer sorting option for more information. As ...
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Results of the Trending sort experiment

In this post, we'll go over how the Trending sort experiment went and why we chose Decay-50 as our preferred choice as announced in Trending: A new answer sorting option. We'll summarize both the ...
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When are "This worked in [related or unrelated technology]" type comments worth keeping?

Background Lately, I've been spending a fair amount of time doing comment analysis and have been looking through a few thousand comments a day. We have quite a few broad categories of comments that ...
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Is the Outdated Answers project defunct now?

Stack Overflow introduced the Outdated Answers project two years ago and for 7-12 months made regular changes and updates. But it has now been 13 months since the last update (that I could find using ...
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Is the "trending" sort broken?

I stumbled across this question: How can I speed up Python's 'unittest' on muticore machines? By default, I have the Trending (recent votes count more) option enabled to sort the answers. ...
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Allow best solution to be revoted if a better answer is presented later on [duplicate]

Sometimes as time goes by, the once accepted answer becomes irrelevant because a better solution is posted. If this becomes the case the community should be allowed to vote for a new accepted answer. ...
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Suggestions for the "Trending sort available (i)" label

We've got Trending: A new answer sorting option for a while now, which is being advertised on every question with more than one visible answer like this: My complaint is particularly about this "...
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