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If this is not minimal, what's minimal?

It took me a lot of effort and energy to break down a multi threaded TLS application into a single threaded minimal application. I made sure that any one can build and run my minimal example without ...
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Question and answers being downvoted, trying to understand why

Yesterday I posted this question, but after a few minutes I figured out the solution and answered it myself. The question is being downvoted, even though it doesn't seem so bad to me, but maybe I'm ...
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A question about reverse printing a linked list

The question reverse print an immutable linkedlist with less than O(n) space is put on hold. The reason is this question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the ...
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Why are questions on Meta about improving questions on the main site, themselves usually poorly received?

I have noticed a common pattern: Someone's question(s) on the main site is/are not well received That person comes to Meta to ask about how to improve the question(s), perhaps due to seeing a ...
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Did I do something I shouldn't have done? downvotes on my post [duplicate]

I checked over my question and it seems to be pretty clear in what I'm asking. Can someone explain to me why I was downvoted? thanks How can I add a semi-transparent rectangular background behind the ...
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Please help me understand how to improve my question

The following question which I posted was closed because it is an "opinion-based". So, I modified it to be a question about best practice according to users experience. It is still blocked. ...
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How can I improve my question about transparent toolbar icons in Win32?

I have recently asked a question about using transparent PNGs as toolbar icons in a Win32 application. It has received multiple downvotes, and I cannot understand why. Without understanding the reason ...
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How should I have better asked this meta question?

I asked this question on the meta site: Perhaps the wording was too accusatory, which was not my intention. I was after the reasons behind going against what ...
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How can I improve questions marked as duplicate? [closed]

I am currently question banned, and thus are editing and revising all of my questions. But, a fair number of them are duplicates. How can I edit them to improve them and eventually relieve the ...
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How is this question asking to find a tool or an off-site resource?

I asked a question to see if the standard library had a class that operated a little differently than conventional iterators, rather than having to roll my own. I didn't know quite how to word my ...
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Why my questions immediately getting Downvotes? How to improve? [duplicate]

So below is a question I asked recently. How to check nil for a property already forcefully downcasts. It is a problem I faced while doing a project. So I searched in google just like I always do, but ...
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Question feedback

The situation Earlier today, I asked a question which was initially downvoted without feedback and then back up. Later somebody disagreed and voted it back up, averaging it out to 0 again. Why I ...
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Help Me Understanding Downvote Reason for Knowledge Sharing Question [closed]

Today I have asked a question regarding the windows VPN client link and answered it to share my knowledge. I got a downvote for both the question and the answer. May I know what is wrong in knowledge ...
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How to improve an on-hold question? [closed]

I posted this question: question The question was downvoted and then put on hold without any explanation. I would like to Edit/Improve the question if more specific feedback could be provided. The ...
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What can I improve about my question to ensure it is on-topic and meets the guidelines?

I created a question that was closed and downvoted. The closure reason states: This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers Edit the question to include desired ...
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