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Can we slow down on the deletes on Meta, folks?

I had the privilege of reading this meta post just now (screenshot in case it's deleted again). It was created 36 minutes ago. It was closed 20 minutes ago. It was deleted 1 minute ago. Meta is the ...
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Should we stop making martyrs of highly controversial opinionated posts?

I am referring to the recent hot topic in particular: Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely? (Screenshot of the latest revision for <10k users, in case the question is deleted). ...
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Posting a suggestion when I'm not sure about the answer

can I answer a question even if i am not 100% sure it is correct and not get negative points for that answer? like a suggestion. Is there any special way to post as a suggestion?
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Why do we vote on meta posts? Measuring community feeling?

I asked a question yesterday in Meta and got a few downvotes. I thought my post was valid, so I decided to follow this answer's advise and ask people in a comment, but I didn't get any answers. I do ...
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Can I answer if I'm not sure? [duplicate]

I recently made a comment on this post, and the comment was what made OP resolve their problem. At that point, I wondered if I should make my comment an answer. So I searched on meta, and after ...
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Should we guess an answer, with an educational purpose to help novice programmers? [duplicate]

During the process of making the questioner of this question, nested-div-styling-offset, aware of that the code didn't reproduce the problem, an answer was posted, which I found more of a guess. ...
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Why was my answer deleted by a moderator for being a duplicate?

I am new to Stack Overflow and one of my answers was deleted by a moderator yesterday. The reason is that he thought I posted the same answer to multiple questions. I checked all my answers and did ...
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Can we update the "rant" close reason to link to how to *constructively* conduct criticisms of Stack Overflow?

Unconstructive rants from disgruntled users are not uncommon on Meta. There were two of them from the same user about half an hour ago. Those that don't end up being closed as duplicate of Why is ...
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Why does meta have a downvote option at all

Recently I came across a few opinion-based questions like "should I answer questions if blah blah" on meta and noticed that some answers have been heavily down-voted and criticized, the thing is, ...
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Is "does not appear to seek input and discussion" applicable because of comments?

As we all know comments are sometimes used for extended discussions on meta and sometimes it gets heated, because OP and commenter won't agree. Can such discussion be a reason to close a Meta question ...