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Why opinion-based questions cannot be answered or implemented here? [duplicate]

We can treat them with a lot of ways. Suggestion: (Skip to save brain power) the OP will choose whatever the question is opinion-based or not in the start. When the OP will choose that it is, then ...
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Is Stack Overflow useful for getting help on "duplicate" questions, or is there another community (or part of Stack Overflow?) people would recommend?

I've only used Stack Overflow a few times, and I'm trying to understand the etiquette/purpose. I asked a question today but my question was nearly instantly marked as duplicate. The mod/admin person ...
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Is it okay to ask questions about how to learn something?

I'd like to ask a question about a particular issue I have when trying to improve my knowledge of programming languages. Specifically, once I have a working knowledge of a language, I find it hard to ...
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Why do I constantly keep getting downvoted and my questions get closed because they "need debugging details"? [duplicate]

I know there will be some people who will rush to say "Well, obviously your question is unclear" and my answer to them would not be very polite. That is because I have posted 4-5 questions ...
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Question bans aren't a good way to make users improve their questions. Can you remove the 'question ban?' [duplicate]

People like me-they don't ask good questions. They never will until they have asked a ton of questions. I think you should remove the question bans permanently for all users. You could add some sort ...
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Was this question about pngquant alternatives and image optimization in PHP correctly closed?

I posted this question about a PHP alternative to pngquant I used to use pngquant to optimize images uploaded to our website, works fantastic. But our new server has shell_execute and similar ...
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What is the best Stack Exchange site to discuss general artificial intelligence?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: I want to make an AI. How do I combine words to create context? I figured that AI would be mostly discussed on Stack Overflow, however it seems that ...
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Where should I go to complain about overzealous moderators? [closed]

I had a problem. I spelled out in some detail and posted the question, with code and the tests that were done. Some moderators wanted more details, so I added it. Finally, they deleted the question. ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a coding problem on meta? [duplicate]

Being banned from asking questions is a tough reality to deal with. You just click the Ask Question button and you see this page that says "We are no longer accepting questions from this account&...
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Can we please change the policy on banning people from asking questions?

Apparently my account is being blocked questions because there are questions that I've previously asked that have not been very popular, or have been down voted or deleted. As a result, I can only ask ...
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How can I improve my "permanently" bad questions? [duplicate]

I have a lot of questions on SO that have either no votes or a tasty sum of downvotes. I know there are a lot of questions concerning downvotes and how to improve questions, but I'll take it a step ...
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Opinionated question for performance and readability improvements

I have recently asked this question: How to flatten a list of lists without using for loops, where I was looking for suggestions on how to improve the performance and readability of a snippet of ...
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Is there a place on Stack Exchange to ask a question about the Google Play Console?

I am having a problem with the Google Play Developer Console (where you upload apps to the Google App Store) and a problem trying to use the Help form to ask about the problem. Can I turn to Stack ...
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Are there any Stack Exchange sites where recommendations, best practices or industry standards questions can be asked? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is focused on Q&A style questions. Questions that seek recommendations, best practices or industry standards are discouraged because they may generate discussion and are seen as ...
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