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Collectives Update: Introducing Bulletins

Hi Stack Overflow community, I’m Bert. I received a short intro post when I joined the Community Team, but I’ve been quiet since then, learning more about the SO community and how things work here. ...
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Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

Beta release of Collectives on Stack Overflow Over the past year, our Reach & Relevance team (description of the team in FAQ) has been heads down working on a new initiative that will enhance the ...
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Community input needed: The guidelines for collectives articles

Update: January 10, 2022: The first iteration of the guidelines for articles is now in the Help Center, and the new Article Creation tool for Collectives is live as of today. Update: December 29, 2021:...
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Is Stack Overflow going to incorporate community feedback before adding more collectives?

Final revision: So with the latest addition of the Intel Collective, and in the absence of any movement with the community drafting guidelines or an understanding of why this exists at all, I'm not ...
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Let's draft some guidelines for Articles in Collectives

Note: This is the first in a series of questions about Articles in Collectives. About Articles on Collectives When we introduced Collectives on Stack Overflow, we also introduced a new content type: ...
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What are the quality standards for articles?

Currently, there are three Q&As regarding articles: Your article is in another castle: should link-only articles be allowed? Is it acceptable to have 'thanks' in an article? Are articles ...
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Your article is in another castle: should link-only articles be allowed?

I noticed this article (now deleted) that was posted recently to the Google Cloud collective. It's essentially a link-only article: Seeing that articles (at least technical ones) are similar to ...
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Who can see deleted articles?

The new feature of articles seems to be functioning similarly to normal posts. Yet, when I visit this article I cannot see it. All I see is the 404 page. I have the privilege of a trusted user, so why ...
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Why are articles a part of collectives?

I am trying to understand what is the purpose of articles. This feature was announced in 2020 and released in 2021 for teams. And currently articles is a part of collectives feature. The articles can ...
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Collectives: Grant collective members the power to moderate content, and remove said content from public moderation responsibilities

This is going to be incredibly incendiary and controversial for a feature that was launched today, but I feel that it has to be said. The new Collectives feature relies on existing conventions to ...
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What is the difference between articles and self-answering?

From a visual and functional point of view, articles appear to be virtually the same as regular posts (questions and answers). What can you accomplish with an article that you can't by just posting ...
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Should administrators of Collectives be encouraged or required to have experience with Stack Overflow?

I was looking at the Google Cloud Collective and noticed something slightly odd: of the 5 people listed as collective administrators, 4 have 1 rep and 1 has only the association bonus. None have ever ...
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Downvoting Articles should not cost reputation

Downvoting Articles in Collectives costs 1 reputation point, similarly like downvoting regular answers. According to Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not? downvoting ...