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We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant

We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant experiment, which will help users format their question body and code according to the language they are using. The experiment is now ...
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Collectives and sponsorship

Note for context: this post is part of a series about Collectives on Stack Overflow.  To read the full series, begin at this primary post. This post is to provide detail and clarity around the ...
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Can we talk about the color of Collectives banners on dark mode

I'm an avid dark mode user, and for the most part I'm pleased with it. But take a look at this page I encountered earlier today. Tell me where your eyes immediately wander on this page. I see a bunch ...
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How do I create my own Collective?

As the title says, SO now has a feature called Collectives: Collectives are a little like subreddits, Reddit’s community-focused boards dedicated to a single topic. For Google and other Stack ...
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The Foundations of Collectives and its Future

Since the announcement of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow, we’ve seen a number of potential narratives emerge for how and why Collectives exist. So in the spirit of continued transparency, I thought I’...
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Should "Hot Meta Posts" also include highly active but controversial meta posts with many downvotes?

On meta, there are many times where downvotes don't reflect that the question/answer is badly written, factually incorrect, or generally off-topic, but that there is some form of disagreement between ...
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Intel Collective not visible in the sidebar

I don't know if there is a logic with which the collectives are displayed in the sidebar, or if this simply happens because it is the last added, but I wanted to point out that in the sidebar I see ...
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Doesn't the Stack Overflow community like innovative things? [closed]

I have seen that when Stack Overflow introduces a new thing, the introduction post or beta release receives so many downvotes. The latest example is Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow. ...
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Let's draft some guidelines for Articles in Collectives

Note: This is the first in a series of questions about Articles in Collectives. About Articles on Collectives When we introduced Collectives on Stack Overflow, we also introduced a new content type: ...
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Collectives should be removed or be free

Right now, those who want to use the collectives feature (e.g., Google with the Google Cloud) have to pay to use the Collectives feature. I think it should either be made free or be removed entirely. ...
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Is Stack Overflow going to incorporate community feedback before adding more collectives?

Final revision: So with the latest addition of the Intel Collective, and in the absence of any movement with the community drafting guidelines or an understanding of why this exists at all, I'm not ...
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Rename "User groups" to "Collectives" on the SO profile page

On the Stack Overflow profile page, there's a new label showing how many user groups that user participates in: Except those user groups are actually Collectives. For the sake of consistency, and ...
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How can I view the list of all existing collectives?

When I go to the Collectives page, I only see two collectives, go and google cloud. I would imagine there are many more, as the video introducing collectives uses a different one. I can't find ...
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How has activity, participation and quality developed in the collectives tag sets since their introduction?

Collectives were presented (Beta release of Collectives and The user research behind collectives) as a way to increase participation, for example by reducing barriers to entry or by forming ...
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Why are articles a part of collectives?

I am trying to understand what is the purpose of articles. This feature was announced in 2020 and released in 2021 for teams. And currently articles is a part of collectives feature. The articles can ...
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