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Take the 2019 Developer Survey [closed]

Our annual survey, now in its ninth year, launches today and anyone who codes is encouraged to participate. The survey will be open until February 12. Take the survey We heard you loud and clear ...
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Review our languages and platforms for Dev Survey 2021

Update on May 10th, 2021: Thanks for all the responses, we'll be compiling and acting on the ones provided so far but can't commit to reviewing further ones. As Teresa mentioned in her quarterly ...
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Stack Overflow Survey: You're still spending too much time focusing on demographic groups, and not enough time improving site mechanics

The new survey is chock full of the usual questions trying to determine which demographic groups (race, age, sex, etc.) I belong to. Apparently there haven't been any lessons learned from the last ...
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Take the 2022 Developer Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the survey! The 2022 Developer Survey is now closed, and the results are available here. (Also see the announcement on the blog.) The 2022 Developer Survey has opened ...
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Take the 2020 Developer Survey

Our 2020 Developer Survey launches today. Whether an active member of the Stack Overflow community or not, we encourage everyone who codes to participate and make their voice heard. The survey will be ...
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What languages were used for coding 50 years ago? [closed]

What were programmers coding 50 years ago? Are they still actively programming and using Stack Overflow?
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When are the results for the Stack Overflow Developer Survey released, and where can I find them?

Each year, Stack Overflow conducts the yearly Developer Survey. The last one has been closed for a while. When can we expect to see the published results of the survey? How long did it take to ...
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When will the annual Developer Survey be released?

Has an official release day for the developer survey been announced yet or does it happen on a specific date every year? I have not found any announcement other than this, which only specifies when ...
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What is "Worked With vs. Want to Work With" and "Most loved, dreaded, and wanted" in the Developer Survey results?

In 2021 we introduced a new section to the Technology chapter of our annual Developer Survey results. We titled this section Worked With vs. Want to Work With. Our hope with this section is to expand ...
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What does this mean in the Stack Overflow survey?

I recently did the Stack Overflow developer survey. I see and think this question shouldn't be in the survey list, because it doesn't make any sense to me: Do you have Stack Overflow account? ...
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Let the Stack Overflow Developer Survey participant to uncheck the option if the question is not mandatory

In the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, I am unable to uncheck the option in non-mandatory questions once I have clicked on them. I can only change the option but not uncheck. Please fix this bug....
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