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Why isn't it required to provide comments/feedback for downvotes, and why are proposals suggesting this so negatively received?

Sometimes my post receives downvotes with no explanation on what I've done wrong. Even worse, sometimes I just get snarky comments! It seems like this is especially bad for new users, who are made to ...
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Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?

I'd like to start with saying that I emailed @Shog9 back in August with the text below, because I'm not a particularly good writer, and I was hoping he'd be able to write up a nice post here. A couple ...
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Why does it take 1000 reputation to view the vote count?

I was reading an interesting post on another Stack Exchange site, and I hovered the mouse over the vote number and clicked it. Then I realized that I have less than 1000 reputation on that community ...
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How do I present a proposal for change or write a feature request for Stack Overflow?

I have a great idea for changing parts of Stack Overflow. Upon searching, I see a lot of these feature-request questions are downvoted, closed as duplicates, and I've even seen a few get deleted! With ...
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Where is the guide on how to ask a good question on meta?

The "how to ask a good question here" link goes to the Stack Overflow page for this. Virtually every time I ask a question here, I get lots of downvotes and negative feedback. I don't even ...
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Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests

This is a very minor issue (and only affects SO meta), but the feature-request tag reads: "On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, ...
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Does contributing to Review Queues help to lift a question ban?

I have a question ban, but have been regularly editing, answering, commenting, voting, flagging, and now also reviewing. I know just about everything else can help against a question ban, but what ...
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I don't like [nice] tags!

Apparently we have a nice tag! So lets evaluate it for burnination! Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Well, if we look at the description ...
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Lets make Stack Overflow Documentation rise again?

I recently heard that before I was here, there was a place called However, it was sun downed, and one of the reasons why was because not enough new users contributed. ...
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Edit was rejected even though it doesn't copy from an external source

I saw this edit which I suggested to the tag tkinter-button. A bit of context: this tag refers to the tkinter.Button class and can be used to add a button to a parent widget. I've been using tkinter ...
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Have it show in search results if a question is a user's first post in SE network [duplicate]

New users can have some trouble using SO: formatting, sentence structure, including MREs, research effort, etc. If you are an experienced SE user, you (most likely) want to be able to help these users....
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