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User (well, answerer) security on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Earlier on I was perusing python questions, when I stumbled over a question - now deleted, asking something along the lines: How can I access this website with Selenium? Why is the page blank when I ...
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What should I do when a Selenium question includes URL to third-party website? [duplicate]

When I read questions with tag "Selenium" I often see links to websites. Examples of such questions that have not been closed: Unable to get images from skechers in python How get value from ...
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Why should I not upload images of code/data/errors?

I am new to Stack Overflow, and I have asked about 5 questions so far. I have uploaded images of my code on most of my questions. On two separate occasions, two different users advised me not to ...
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Could we add a tag-specific MRE page?

Update Based on all the comments and on Shepmaster's answer, I think perhaps it would be better to have an MRE Guideline page (that might include templates) instead of a MRE template page for each tag....
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How to have a "minimal reproducible example" with Vulkan

I feel it's impossible to give a minimal reproducible example for Vulkan without dumping an entire GitHub repository into Stack Overflow, with a monstrosity of a question. In normal circumstances, ...
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Problematic number of questions in the Selenium tag that rely on offsite links

This came to my mind when I saw this question, which was closed because Questions which require users to go to off-site links in order to have the context needed to answer are not useful to future ...
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How can I create an MRE that involves multiple files?

MREs are great, but often it takes more than one isolated piece of code to reproduce an issue. It seems the in-built MRE tool (the one with the "Run this code snippet" button) can only do so ...
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How can I improve my iOS MREs?

I've been a member for quite some time now, mostly in Java programming, trying to move into iOS programming now. When asking questions in Java, I exactly knew what was needed to count as an MRE, ...
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Should I create a tag-specific question template and ask new users to refer to it for asking good question?

I work on the tag mongodb most of the time on SO. Usually, the questions are about some query composing, like "how can I achieve behaviour xxx?". For us, people who are trying to help, ...
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What should be done with questions regarding unlocatable elements in Selenium?

A quick search in selenium brings up some questions like this: I am doing automation with selenium, I have tried this: [Some code of a Selenium automation, often with a complicated XPath query, and ...
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Questions keep returning "minimal reproducible example" error [duplicate]

I have been trying to ask my question, here, on Stack Overflow. I have tried to include as much detail as I think is relevant and helpful for someone looking at this problem for the first time. ...
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What should we do with questions which reference a no-longer-available website for its example context? [duplicate]

I came across a question while burninating social, and I'm not sure what the best course of action is on this post. It's an old question, and it doesn't provide a code sample of their site, it only ...
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