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How to rekindle burnination requests that failed to ignite? [duplicate]

I came across the rather useless square today, and a quick search showed me a year-old request that got nowhere, yet people are still abusing the tag a couple of times a week. I could, of course, ...
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What is the process for tag removal (burnination)?

What happens, or what should I expect, when I ask the community to remove ("burninate") a tag from the system? Is there an established process for the community to follow? Return to FAQ Index
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Add "magic link" for XY Problems

Comments allow shortcut magic links such as [help] - Link to Help Center [ask] - Link to How to Ask and a dozen or so additional ones. I'd like to see a new one: [xyprob] - Link to http://meta....
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This tag in[var]iably needs to be burninated

I came across the var tag on a question not too long ago. The tag wiki is not very specific, with the description stating only that var is a keyword in a number of programming languages. It is ...
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Plugging the holes in the burninate-system

For the past few years, we've been following a very well formed system for burnination based on Shog's long-term vision. The system has been very successful, and we have managed to complete many ...
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What should be done to the [spm] tag?

Recently, I stumbled upon a question tagged with swift-package-manager and spm. Tag descriptions: swift-package-manager (461 questions) Swift Package Manager is a build tool and dependency manager ...
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We need to improve our [communication]

The communication tag is merely described as Communication is the activity of conveying information. That's not even a programming concept. Looking through the questions shows that there's ...
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Subtract [calculation]?

I recently encountered the calculation tag. The tag doesn't really add anything meaningful and can't stand on it's own, so I'd like to see it burn. It currently has 301 questions, 11 followers, and ...
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Return randomness to the selection of Hot Meta Posts

I've noticed that the Hot Meta Posts don't get rotation anymore. This causes some topics to dominate the list and doesn't allow for other topics to get any chance of visibility. There was a change ...
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Add shorthand magic link for XY problem [duplicate]

This is a spritual duplicate of this question but as: I don't think that was originally tagged as a feature-request the most upvoted answer recommends making a NEW question with that tag (which I ...
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