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Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!

Prologue Since late 2019, I have been investigating why posts are ending up in the Help & Improvement (H&I) review queue when it should have been closed in Triage. Unfortunately, due to the ...
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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Again, stop users from repeating their closed question

I will repeat myself again1 as a feature request because it's very annoying to see that the effort we are doing is completely useless. You close a question as duplicate The user doesn't even bother ...
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Meet Team DAG! (Developer Affinity & Growth)

Not quite dang. Not quite unless you see them at play in their native habitats which few will ever travel far enough to do. Sometimes, you really should pay attention to the folks moving around behind ...
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Why is there no filter in triage review?

Is there any specific reason why we do not have a filter in the "Triage" section of the review queues? There are tag filters for the "First Posts" and "Late Answers" queues, so doesn't it make sense ...
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Review triage questions accordingly to my favorite tags

I had read some topics here, made some triage reviews, and I am still not sure that my reviews are good enough. I often see questions, that have all signs of a good question, but they are about ...
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I only want to see items related to my favorite tags in the review queues

I am now able to see review queues, but it's showing me triage and first posts for tags that I have no expertise or knowledge in. Is there a way to filter the review queue to only those tags that ...
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New Triage option "Needs author edit" shows up as "24" in Network Profile

The new "Needs author edit" option in Triage is not displayed correctly in the Stack Exchange Network Profile "Activity" section. Instead of the chosen review action, it merely ...
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If you choose flag in the new triage queue and then scroll, the dialogue hides behind the Actions section

Here you can see I've scrolled down a little and suddenly the flag dialogue hides itself behind the Action button section. If you don't scroll then everything's OK...
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Is it reasonable that I'm asked to triage/review posts on subjects I know nothing about? [duplicate]

I don't do a whole lot of reviewing work on Stack Overflow (I mostly answer, edit and comment). I was just checking out the triage queue and noticed I keep getting questions about PHP, Python, and ...
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Filter the Triage review queue by subject/expertise

Sometimes I'm having a hard time sifting the Triage requests because I can't seem to filter them on topic. For example, I'm watching C# and SQL Server tagged questions because I have some knowledge of ...
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Choosing "Looks OK" in LQP Queue results in an "Approve" review

When choosing "Looks OK" in the Low Quality Posts queue, the review would normally be recorded as "Looks OK". But following the changes to the Triage queue they are now being ...
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The purpose of "unsalvageable" for triage [duplicate]

Suppose a question is mostly good but is just missing a piece of relevant data from the poster (e.g., the poster is asking about an error message in Python but forgot to provide the traceback). Based ...
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The options showing after choosing needs improvement in the triage queue

Recently there was a change in the triage queue options. So I read the detailed guide for triaging questions. If one hit flag, and chooses needs improvement, those are the options he gets: Duplicate ...
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Clarifying the flag tree in the triage queue [duplicate]

The purpose of this question, is to try to ease up the triage queue, and help reviewers make less mistakes while reviewing. After asking this question, I understood that I have to draw my question to ...
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