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Closed question improved – what next?

A couple of days ago I asked this question and it got immediately closed with the following feedback: Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting ...
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"Reopen Votes" Review Queue: What's the percentage (statistics) of actually reopened questions?

I basically always select "Leave Closed". So I'm asking: How many questions are actually reopened in total? In case I'm right in my assumption that this value is very low, I would ask the next ...
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Should this question have been reopened?

React.js app - warning - 0.chunk.js:45744 Warning: Received `true` for a non-boolean attribute `inline` The question was originally closed because it was a dump of a stack trace with no code. It was ...
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Some questions are closed for not being clear or minimal when the issue is clear to some readers

Based on the feedback from the comments and my editing of this question, my actual feature-request is a duplicate of: We need to improve the chances of reopening closed questions I'm not sure how to ...
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