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Custom search incorrectly returns deleted questions [duplicate]

Using a custom search query results in deleted posts being incorrectly returned. I used the following:[kali-linux]+closed:1 which is looking for closed questions ...
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Why is this question that was deleted by the Community user not deleted?

While browsing the annotated posts list on Stack Overflow, I saw this question which is currently locked and occasionally serving as a Triage audit. The thing is, in the timeline, there's a deletion ...
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Many posts deleted during roomba operation show up in search results [duplicate]

This is an extension/supplement of the issue reported in Some deleted posts show up in search results I happened across a search earlier today which happened to contain several of these posts. When ...
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Roomba'd questions are once again showing up in search

This bug has previously been fixed, but has once again regressed. From the current collapse burnination: There were a couple more, but I redeleted around 3 more of them before I stopped and ...
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Community-deleted/Roomba'd questions are sometimes still showing/counting in the questions page for a given tag [duplicate]

While participating in the burnination of downloadfile, I took a look at all remaining questions at one point, and was returned with the following result when searching using the query [downloadfile] ...
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A deleted and migrated question is permanently stuck in Stack Overflow search results

I have found a question that was erroneously posted onto Stack Overflow, migrated here to Meta, and then deleted eventually by the community, as it was a pointless duplicate. I can find this post in ...
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Search brings up deleted results again [duplicate]

This seems to be a recurrence of a known issue: Some deleted posts show up in search results The advice given there is to flag for moderator attention. However, that does not seem practical, as I do ...
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Deleted questions showing up in search results [duplicate]

I recently searched for unclosed term questions. The first question was the following: However, it appears that this question was actually deleted: Why did this continue to appear here? This ...
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Do dangling answers to a question, gone due to moderation, need deletion?

This is in the Low quality answers review queue: The question itself is no longer available. So I clicked "Recommended deletion". ...
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Issue in Search filters: "deleted:no" sets "only content you own ..." [closed]

Current behavior If I add "deleted:no" to a search query (in order to filter out deleted questions), the search results start with the following notice : Note: only content you own is ...
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I can search for deleted questions... kinda? [duplicate]

The following query gives me 3 questions as results. All three are deleted at least 7 days ago. It seems a caching problem, but it confuses since the search engine is used to find how many stuff there ...
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