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Was there a community requirement to have reaction feature so "instead of clicking on like, you can just say 'thanks'"?

There is an interview to SO's CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar in a Spanish newspaper: “No puedes hacer que la gente vaya a la oficina solo por tenerles ahí; debes confiar en que harán su trabajo” You ...
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The "Thanks" feature may be encouraging "Thanks" comments

Among the replies to: Feature test: Thank you reaction I remember some people were warning that a "Thanks" feature would take focus away from actually accepting answers; and now, a similar ...
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I don't really Stack Overfollow you there

I might not be the better person in terms of UI/UX, but I am wondering if the term "following" is the best choice for the link under a followed question: Especially considering all the ...
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Stack Overflow Member Spotlight

Good morning everyone, I am new to programming and have benefited so much from this site over the past couple of months. While it is just one of the many resources I am using to deepen my ...
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Why are Stack Overflow employees forced to participate in Meta and why couldn't that practice be stopped instead of removing Hot Meta Topics?

In Sara Chipps' answer explaining why Hot Meta Topics has been removed she explains the following: I’d like to add some context to the “why” we are doing it. Tim, kindly, wanted to shield me from ire,...
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How can I revert my "reaction" to a Teams post? [closed]

Stack Overflow for Teams added an option to select an emoji for a post, which is fine. I am neither against it nor support it. I tried to test this feature, and "reacted" to a post with a particular ...
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Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely?

We're all familiar with the numerous complaints, from both new and longtime members of the Stack Overflow community, describing this place as unfriendly, even hostile. It's a serious enough problem ...
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Is Stack Exchange actually considering Collaboration Bounties (or other similar measures)?

The recent satisfaction survey asked if people would like to see rewards for collaborative behavior, such as badges, collaboration bounties, and some new form of currency. However, unless I've missed ...
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What are the guidelines for comments on meta?

I cannot seem to find any guidelines on when comments on this meta site will be deleted. What are the rough circumstances when a moderator will delete meta comments? I did find one post about ...
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How to reduce number of "thanks" comments

After reading about the featured test I thought about this big problem more and here is my solution. I believe comments appears because users are just trying to be nicer, more human, more friendly and ...
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New "Votes and Reactions" Tab, Precursor to something bigger?

Following the introduction of "thanks", we also received a new tab in "Profile > Activity > Votes and Reactions" changing the preexisting "Votes" Tab and changing ...
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Is it acceptable to answer a relatively simple programming question (for less experienced)?

Let's say a relatively inexperienced user asks a question like I have problem XYZ (linking to documentaion about algorithm/ specification) and would like to know how to create this in code ? Said ...
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Does getting answers to fairly complex questions become harder on Stack Overflow / Meta?

I am a fairly old member on Stack (mainly answering), but every now and then I am asking a question. I have noticed that for most of my latest questions I had to rely on bounties to get an answer (or ...
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Lower the character limit for 'thank you' comments [duplicate]

I'd love to comment a simple 'Thank You' to a well-thought-out answer. But the character minimum is 15, which means I have to type this: Thank you for your time and cooperation, it was greatly ...
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Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

Thank you all for voicing your feedback and your concerns regarding the test of the Reactions feature. We would like first to give some additional background surrounding the intentions around this ...
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