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How do I ask and self-answer a correct, high quality Q&A pair without attracting downvotes?

Almost two years ago I asked and then self-answered this question about certificates. I did so because handling certificates has always been a great pain, requiring a combination of disparate command-...
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What to do about hundreds of the same basic question?

For the umpteenth time someone asked the question "what does 'str object is not callable' mean?" with the tag [python]. This is a very common error for newbies, so it just gets asked over and over and ...
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When is it appropriate to create a tag, and how does it work?

Can someone please create the tag foo on Stack Overflow? We need to have it because... Foo is a recent/upcoming release of a popular, established OS/language/framework Foo is a hot new language/...
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Error reference collections - Bane or Boon?

2 weeks ago, this was posted on javascript: This is basically a collection of explanations of common ...
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Should I approve suggested edits that only add/remove tags? [duplicate]

Are edits involving only adding/removing tags to the body or title of the questions acceptable (assuming everything else looks good), or should they be considered too minor?
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How do I write a good tag wiki? Is it okay to use/copy content published elsewhere?

On Stack Overflow, all tags have a "wiki" associated with them, which can be edited by the community. For example, when you look at questions with the c++ tag: you see the tag wiki excerpt displayed ...
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Improving Google Apps Script: tags, tag wikis, excerpts and refs

Preface This project has sprung up from the larger discussion as a standalone effort to make Google Apps Script tags, their excerpts, and wikis more fine-grained, detailed, and resource-full for them ...
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Canonical question for TypeError Cannot [call method / read property / set property] of null in Google Apps Script

Tl;Dr: In the last few days three community members are working around the tag wiki of google-apps-script. The goal is to have a "FAQ". This question is specific to make a FAQ about few ...
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Could we have a [google-apps-script-faq] tag similar to [c++-faq] and [r-faq]?

While google-apps-script (48,583 questions) is far away from c++ (777,911 questions) and r (465,878 questions) (just two examples found in Similar questions suggestions from Meta Ask a question page) ...
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Canonical question for "You do not have permission" in Google Sheets custom functions

TL;DR I'm looking for guidance regarding which question should be used as a canonical question for Google Sheets customs functions returning "You do not have permission" This question is ...
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