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Someone keeps posting the same bad question again and again [duplicate]

I've already flagged it for mod's attention. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Line count inconsistency with spark and pandas
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"How do I ask a good question" page needs explicit statement "Don't repost your questions"

At the moment, part of the closed question notice You can edit the question or post a new one links to the How do I ask a good question page as requested in “You can edit the question or post a new ...
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Should I really ask the same question again if the old one was closed as a duplicate?

The duplicate banner tells me: Your post has been associated with a similar question. If this question doesn’t resolve your question, ask a new one. Should I keep reposting my question until I ...
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Enable the “ask about own post” feature for low-rep users

Following the discussion at Should the "ask about own post" feature be enabled here on Stack Overflow?, the reception appears to be positive and generally in favor of enabling that feature ...
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User asked four similar questions within fourteen hours [duplicate]

A user has asked four very similar questions: my js code for a quiz is not taking in arrays in question tag My quiz is not changing when i press next what do i do code javascript such that innerhtml ...
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“You can edit the question or post a new one”

What you read in the title is the advice that is given in the post notice when a question gets closed as off-topic. You might be aware that these post notices got an overhaul 6 to 8 weeks ago. This ...
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Again, stop users from repeating their closed question

I will repeat myself again1 as a feature request because it's very annoying to see that the effort we are doing is completely useless. You close a question as duplicate The user doesn't even bother ...
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Why doesn't the system detect user copying other answers?

It's again me complaining about copy/paste after this one: Why doesn't the system prevent repeating the "exact" same question?. This time it's about users simply copying existing answers....
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Deleted posts and their comments [duplicate]

This is more or less a sanity check for me. With respect to Why is there an error while getting JSON information in Python?, I looked at the poster's profile and it shows that they posted only one ...
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Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

Thank you all for voicing your feedback and your concerns regarding the test of the Reactions feature. We would like first to give some additional background surrounding the intentions around this ...
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