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Why is there no dark theme on SO? [duplicate]

I think SO should implement dark theme. All major interfaces have a dark theme because it's better for the eyes.
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Is it possible to change color theme on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

The site is very light with the white background, and I would like to change to a darker theme. Does Stack Overflow have this option somewhere? (I've searched for it, but I could not find it..)
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How to enable dark theme on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have seen a notification from Stack Overflow that they have introduced a dark theme for Stack Overflow. But how can I enable or manage the theme?
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Transparent pictures in dark mode [duplicate]

In the dark mode, we know that background of transparent images is black. Even though it is normal behaviour, reading texts in some pictures becomes very hard. For example, this is what I saw when I ...
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How to enable dark mode on Stack Overflow Jobs section? [duplicate]

I have enabled Dark Mode which looks pretty nice (I still need to get accustomed to it), but when going to the jobs section the dark mode is not enabled there. It really hurts my soul going from ...
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Diff in dark mode is near unreadable [duplicate]

I'm using dark mode for Stack Overflow, and as I was reviewing suggested edits. I found an issue with it: Basically, the diff can't be read. On Chrome 81.0.4044.129 / macOS Catalina 10.15.4 It ...
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Unthemed visit calendar [duplicate]

I don't know if its intentional or not, but this calendar isn't themed to support dark-mode. (To see this, click Visited x days, y consecutive under{userId}/{userName}?...
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Why can't I set up dark mode on my meta account? [duplicate]

I was hoping to find darkmode also available in the "meta" secction, but this function seems to be disabled. I want to know if is possible to allow the beta darkmode option in "meta".
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Dark theme with black label on privileges tabs [duplicate]

I've encountered a small design issue with the dark theme; When you go to the privileges page in the help/wiki site, then the selected tab's font color is black in the dark theme. This looks like ...
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Weird animated transition in queue on dark mode [duplicate]

This transition in dark mode does not look right.
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Using dark theme but 'Job near you is not applied' [duplicate]

As the picture I captured from mine.
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Flash notice text in dark theme turns light, while its background is still light [duplicate]

This flash notice showed up in my session and I could barely see the text, because it was a very light grey. I'm not sure if there's a way to report bugs on this website, so I brought it here. Who can ...
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Should Stack Overflow revisit the dark mode question in light of new situations in 2019 vs 2013 when it was first asked?

Original issue from 2013: Why is there no dark theme on SO? It's 2019. Operating Systems have started having a user preference setting for a light UI or a dark UI. Windows 10, iOS 13 and MacOS 10.14 ...
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How do I enable/disable the Light/Dark Theme on Stack Overflow?

I've heard that Stack Overflow now has a Dark Theme! However, I can't find the way to enable it. Or, equivalently: I managed to enable the Dark Theme on Stack Overflow, but now I can't find how to ...
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Why does Stack Overflow use a monochromatic logo in dark mode?

Out of curiosity, why was it decided to keep the Stack Overflow logo monochromatic in dark mode? The light mode uses the colored logo. Wouldn't it have been a better choice to keep the logo colored ...
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Is the dark theme really here to last or is it just an April fools day joke?

Is the dark theme/mode really here to last or is it just an April fools day joke? I, of course, hope it's here to stay, however, it seems to be missing in some places e.g. meta.
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How long is the suggested edit wait usually?

I've just received this message on a suggested edit I'm trying to submit on a question. The edit queue is full at the moment - try again in a few minutes! I've tried a few times now, and haven't ...
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Strange highlighting for a few seconds

On this Stack Overflow topic, I've seen this strange behaviour: It happened right when I started my browser, and it was the first page I loaded. Additionally, the page becomes unresponsive for about ...
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Doesn't the Stack Overflow community like innovative things? [closed]

I have seen that when Stack Overflow introduces a new thing, the introduction post or beta release receives so many downvotes. The latest example is Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow. ...
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What does the "System setting" option do for the Theme preference?

With the new theme mode, there are 3 options: Light System setting Dark What does the middle option, "System setting", do? For me, nothing changes; it looks the same as Light.
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Post highlighting in the review queues is not usable under dark mode

This was first reported on March 30th. Here's a gif demonstration of the issue: This happens only with answers and it happens in three review queues: First Posts (answers only). Low Quality Posts (...
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Dark mode not working in the Developer Story

I'm using the most recent version of the platform using Chrome on my Android device. As you can see from my preferences (click on images for full size) I'm particularly interested in using the Dark ...
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Election tabs are black-on-black: the dark theme styling needs to be fixed

The active tab in elections has black text on a dark gray background. The other tabs also have low contrast: In addition, when hovering over an active tab on an election page, the tab background ...
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Non readable alert with dark theme

When using the dark theme and an unsupported browser user-agent, an alert is shown but it's unreadable due to low contrast. The alert reads: Sorry, we no longer support your browser Please upgrade ...
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Please swap (or change) the styling colors of visited and non-visited links in dark mode

I'm not a UX expert, but in my experience, visited links are usually styled with a "more dull" color. With this new dark mode, it seems to be quite the opposite. In the CSS, --theme-link-...
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reCAPTCHA widget does not use the dark theme in dark mode

I usually don't come across a lot of forms on Stack Overflow. But today, when I clicked on the Contact Us section in the Help Center, I came across this form: Something looked off, I saw that big fat ...
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The selected tab button in "Upcoming Stack Overflow Events" has an ugly color

I think the color of this button should be changed in dark mode because it is unreadable: Second thing I noticed: When you click / pass the mouse on these buttons, the color is the same as in Normal ...
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Unable to read "User" tab on tag info page when using dark mode

The text on the "users" tab of the "Tag Info" (e.g. python) page is unreadable in Dark Mode. Also, when hovering the mouse, it is displayed in the color of the Light Mode. Related:...
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Equations in dark mode are black, making them unreadable

Equations in dark mode are unreadable because the text is black, and the grey on the edges probably makes it worse. Ideally the text would be changed to a light colour matching the font when in dark ...
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Dark mode doesn't work in chat

It's time to realize again that chat is a thing that exists. Stack Overflow has gotten a dark mode, yet it doesn't work in chat. Given chat is part of Stack Overflow, it should also have a dark mode. ...
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Dark theme link colors

Since the introduction of the dark theme on Stack Overflow, I've used a custom theme modification (on a work computer) that made the links grayscale instead of blue (and the icons incidentally too). I ...
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Informational banner for suggested edits ("Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed…") is unreadable in dark mode [duplicate]

In the dark mode, when you are editing another person's post, you see this informative message. To be honest, it doesn't cause any problems, but I must say that it is not readable enough.
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Dark theme topbar logo styling for dark mode

I'd really like to see orange part of the Stack Overflow logo when in dark mode. I noticed that the Stack Overflow image is just plain white on dark-mode vs the light-mode view: So I inspected the ...
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Favicon / site icon here on MSO is invisible when OS is in dark mode

My OS is in dark mode and I discovered today that the site icon here is invisible in many places. I use Edge and actually thought at first that the icon was missing. Here is how it looks in (from top ...
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Comment formatting help isn't dark enough

I just noticed something wrong with Stack Overflow dark mode feature as screen-shot below. I am wondering if I there is an official way to "open issue" regarding the problem. So other ...
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Please make all of the link tooltips the same style as the "follow" tooltip

The tooltip on the "follow" link looks great. Can we have the same style tooltip on the other links, please? 😎 😞
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Dark theme changes unexpectedly on Stack Overflow

When we are on the "Activity" tab and we switch to the "Developer Story" tab, URLs: "Activity" tab → had Dark theme enabled: "Developer Story" tab → clicked → ...
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Vote count and titles misaligned in flag summary

I've been seeing the following misalignment since I joined SO but didn't report it. Apparently it's been reported before and fixed, however the fix isn't working for me. It's only noticeable if the ...
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Public profile link is not visible in dark mode

Public link is not properly visible if we have selected dark theme.
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Company filter affordance is misleading

At Stack Overflow jobs' companies page we have the option to filter some of the companies based on some options. Three of those are check-boxes, and they work just fine. The problem I'm reporting is ...
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Review tools tab names disappear in dark mode

I'm not sure how long this has been the case as I haven't been on the Review tools page for a little while, but I noticed yesterday that the selected tab name is essentially invisible due to having an ...
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The tabs on the moderation tools page are unreadable

The tabs on the moderation tools page are unreadable. See screenshot below. The background is black with black text.
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Visited status is not contrasted enough in the light theme

When using the dark theme, I can clearly see if I visited the link: . But on the light theme I can't: . Using color picker, I can see the difference: #2059B1 vs #2669BE, but to my eye it's the same ...
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Developer story section textbox is not readable in dark mode

In the Edit profile and settings page, in the "Developer Story preferences" menu, the text inside the "Your public link" textbox is not readable in the dark mode. When Dark mode is ...
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Colouring of text on sidebarwidget contrary to normal usage

I expect unvisited hyperlinks to be more prominent than visited hyperlinks. This has been the convention for many tens of years. The hyperlinks in the "sidebarwidget" (the responsible people ...
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