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Recent fix broke AND-OR queries; cf "nn questions with new activity" [duplicate]

This is not a dup of Is multi tag search broken? from 3 years ago! Search was working fine for me until about Feb 16 or 17, 2020; then it broke. The new breakage may be related to that old Q&A. ...
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Custom filter updates ignore tag combinations [duplicate]

I have custom filters that combine tags like this python class When I load the page, I see the results I expect: questions that are tagged with python AND class However, when the page fetches "...
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Searching [yaml][python] behaves differently from searching [python][yaml] [duplicate]

When I set my search to the tags [python] [yaml] the page will only update occasionally in the form of a bar X questions with new activity and when you click on that bar you see questions that have ...
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Incorrectly filtering of new questions when viewing questions tagged with multiple tags [duplicate]

Whenever picking a view with multiple tags, like in my case c++ and qa, SO search syntax [qa] [c++], new questions only tagged C++ keep popping up, even though they lack the qa tag in this case. I ...
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New questions notification ignores tags in search box [duplicate]

In search textbox I specify tags [midi] [c#], hit Enter, all is OK, all listed questions have both tags: Waiting some time and I see that new questions appeared: But when I expand new questions ...
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Filtering questions with two tags - getting new activity entries with one of the tags on them [duplicate]

In Stack Overflow, I'm filtering questions tagged with both [youtube] and [python] tags; when new entries appears in the search results - i.e: 3 questions with new activity - and press the link for ...
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When using multiple tag filters, the "new activity" prompt loads incorrect posts [duplicate]

Example, using a multiple tag filter Hitting "Apply filter" or reloading the page loads the correct posts having both tags. However, when the new activity prompt shows up clicking it ...
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Search by tags - different behavior for search and new activity (live-refresh) [duplicate]

I saw weird behavior - when I search for question by tags I gets only questions who has both of the tags (AND operator by default which makes sense). However, if I keep the page open, and after ...
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Site searches for multiple tags appear to update with new questions for any tag [duplicate]

I had open a search for [multiple-return-values] [python], showing me a small collection of questions which have both tags. After a while, the site started adding new python questions to the search ...
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Is multi tag search broken?

When searching for example for this, I get multiple results that do not have both tags, but just one of them: returns: And: Other searches with ...
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Filter by Bounty queues up regular questions as well

In SO's Bountied question tab, the default values are selected or checked: Filter by —> Has bounty Sorted by —> Bounty ending soon Tagged with —> no values (however, python tagged in this example) ...
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Newest activity for 2 or more tags shows questions with new activity when the just the last tag does

Note This is NOT a duplicate of Has the behaviour of combined tags search changed? - the criteria for initial load of the page is all tags must be present, the criteria for new activity is the last ...
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