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Replace [jest] tag with something more specific

jest tag refers to low-profile Java ElasticSearch library (1 question for the last month). jestjs refers to popular JavaScript testing framework (466 question for the last month), while the framework'...
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I've discovered a bad tag, and am unsure what to do about it

After seeing this question, I've discovered the tag smsautoverification, which seems to have two completely different uses, the tag name is a mess, is not really used (4 questions, 0 answers, 0 votes) ...
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Plugging the holes in the burninate-system

For the past few years, we've been following a very well formed system for burnination based on Shog's long-term vision. The system has been very successful, and we have managed to complete many ...
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Is there guidance on tag disambiguation?

The process for tag-burnination is well-documented. Is there similar guidance for creating a disambiguation request? I found a tag which requires disambiguation. I am struggling to find any ...
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Disentangle the [yarn]!

There are at least 100+ questions that are using the yarn tag when they should be using yarnpkg, and the number isn't going down. The package manager is only gaining in popularity and people ...
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What is the process for tag removal (burnination)?

What happens, or what should I expect, when I ask the community to remove ("burninate") a tag from the system? Is there an established process for the community to follow? Return to FAQ Index
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Can we rename [redux] and [redux-framework] into [redux-js] and [redux-wordpress] tags?

There is a lot of confusion between Redux (a new JavaScript library) and Redux Framework (a WordPress framework that has existed for 5+ years). It is very inconveniencing for Redux Framework that ...
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Let's rename [babel], because people constantly use it instead of [babeljs]

babeljs grew very popular in the JS community. Every day at least a dozen new babeljs-related questions are being asked on SO. Every day, at least a couple of those questions are incorrectly tagged ...
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Axe the [device]

device currently has 1800+ questions. Its wiki entry consists of: Electronic devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, electronic hardware and platforms. It's general, ambiguous, vague, and not ...
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Burnination is the [next] step

32 7 questions labeled next, none of them are related. Some refer to jQuery iterators, some refer to SQL index enumeration, some refer to reading files... it's a mess. There is a wiki, but it's one ...
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On Meta, how do you get attention for questions without an answer?

It's not possible to set a bounty on a child Meta in order to get attention. What can I do instead? For example, this question hasn't received a good answer yet during the past 10 days.
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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How do tag removal (burnination) requests work?

How do you determine when a tag is bad? How are tags removed? Is there other cleanup work that should be done first? Why are so few tags blacklisted after they are removed? Who should do the ...
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Disambiguating the [mocha] tag

The mocha tag has at least two meanings: With JavaScript: Mocha, the JavaScript test framework With Ruby: Mocha, the Ruby mocking library What should they be disambiguated to? Are there other uses ...
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What kind of computer is being used in "Workin on ur problemz"?

What are the things between the normal keyboard and the monitor in this picture? This image appears when you strike upon an error on Stack Overflow, and other images too, all with this computer.
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