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Question closed as duplicate, but no link given? [duplicate]

I was looking for an answer to another question, when I came across this SO question in which had been closed as a duplicate, but there didn’t seem to be a link to said dupe. My understanding was that ...
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How can I fix old duplicates closed under the old system? [duplicate]

Prompted by Mutable Default Method Arguments In Python It is currently marked as a duplicate of Why do mutable default arguments remember mutations between function calls?. This was done under the old ...
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The "This question already has answers here:" banner without target links. Is this a bug? [duplicate]

Please refer to this question. Observe the duplicate banner at the top: As you can see, there is no target question specified in the banner. May be the target question is deleted or something ...
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Why is the duplicate close banner strange on this question? [duplicate]

This question looks like this right now: Notably, the place where the duplicate questions are usually listed is empty (leading to a rather awkward "This question already has answers here:" ...
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Is this supposed to say that there is no answers? [duplicate]

Close reason of HTML entity for check mark This question already has answers here: Closed 9 years ago. Is this supposed to say that there is no answers? or usual Halloween spooking? Cody gray ...
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Duplication notice doesn't contain the duplicated question [duplicate]

Question in question: Specifying thickness of lines in graphviz
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What to do with this orphaned [android] duplicate? [duplicate]

Recently there was a post with a case of android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException. In search of a fitting original for this almost certainly duplicate, I followed a link provided below this post and ...
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Duplicate banner does not contain link to valid question [duplicate]

This question appears to be marked as a duplicate, but the blue banner does not include a link. Instead, it shows a confusing closed note, and actual dupe links are provided further down the page in a ...
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How can I edit/update an empty duplicate dialog box? [duplicate]

I wanted to change the duplicate target for Why is decimal multiplication slightly inaccurate? to Is floating point math broken? But the dialog does not have the "edit:" link that they ...
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Misplacement of "possible duplicate" [duplicate]

I was searching for some git stuff and found this question: Show git diff on file in staging area At first, it seemed to me that it was a primary question, but then I've found that it was a duplicate....
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Duplicate title not updated / missing links [duplicate]

I'm wondering what's going on here: Using domDocument, and parsing info, I would like to get the 'href' contents of an 'a' tag First of all, it says: This question already has answers ...
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Link to duplicate question not present [duplicate]

I'm not sure why, but it appears this question has no linked duplicate: How to create hoverover popups in Rails 3.1 Perhaps it's normal and I just haven't come across it before.
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Duplicate link box has no link [duplicate]

This question: Drop the last item with LINQ has a strange looking duplicate box... which does not specify what the duplicate is: It does have the "possible duplicate..." link but that you ...
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Why was the closing of this question so unusual?

I recently came across this question (web archive for <10k users) in a different meta post. The post is now deleted, but before that, it was closed as a duplicate back in 2009 (I believe it was ...
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Why was my flag for fixing a duplicate banner declined, even though it followed moderator advice?

I found PHP Warning Permission denied (13) on session_start() which has a broken duplicate banner. I mod-flagged it based on This question already has answers where? which has an accepted answer with ...
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