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Community ♦ Modified Posts Appearing on Homepage

Some Community user modified posts are appearing on the Stack Overflow homepage. These are old questions that have otherwise not been touched for some time. It's unclear what the reason is as I couldn'...
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Let the [flame]s burn?

It seems that the flame tag has no guidance, no wiki and 2 followers. It has 13 questions (as of writing), that, as far as I could gather, refer to a wide range of different things, including: The ...
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Tag synonym [tvOS] and [apple-tvos]

I suggested apple-tvos as a tag synonym for tvos. Seeing as apple-tvos currently only has 23 questions, would it be more efficient to just edit and remove the apple-tvos tag from the questions? A tag ...
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Will I lose reputation from an accepted answer if I mark it Community Wiki?

I have a post that I'd like to mark as Community Wiki; it provides useful formulas that might come in handy to other users. I know from here that reputation from upvotes made prior to a post becoming ...
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Don't the numbers tell us a temporary tweak to the number of close vote reviews per person/day is in order? [duplicate]

There have been many direct questions "can we increase the number of close votes that we can review", but I'd like to raise the question again in a specific context: the numbers. Over the last "...
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How "deep" should question tags go?

Re: Scope of do-while loop? It had been tagged with "do-while", "loops", "declaration". It's a question regarding Java scoping rules, but the three tags I removed seemed excessive, and too generic to ...
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Permalink button on bottom of Questions page appears to be broken

I saw this question after fooling around with the permalink link on the bottom of the questions page to see what it was doing. According to that post it looks like the permalink should change the ...
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Cancel upvotes on older comments

I understand that comments are second class citizens and that they could be deleted at any time. While a badge can be earned from comment votes, no one gets any rep points from them. As it stands now, ...
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Could we get a better way to see my favorite tags?

When I go to Stack Overflow, there are a few tags that I want to focus on. Right now, they're shown on the right side in a column and underneath some other content. This makes them hard to find. I ...
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How to re-visit a topic that has been addressed years ago?

Forgive me if this has been addressed before, but my search of Meta didn't turn up anything. I am wondering what mechanism (if any) exists for re-visiting a question that has been clearly addressed ...
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Does the "timeline" parameter work correctly?

I wanted to see if there was a serial downvoter yesterday so I looked at: I did not see any downvotes at all although there are several Am I ...
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But not in [Browsername here] SEDE Query

So, regularly questions pop up with "It works in all Browsers But not in [browser]" In Google search "but not in chrome" Yields 38.000 results "but not in firefox" site:...
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