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How often is the search dialog used on the interstitial page?

Way back in 2009, an interstitial page was added to Stack Overflow for users with less than 10 reputation when asking a question. It looks like this: I have a couple questions about effectiveness. ...
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Can Stack Overflow do any more to promote the asking of better questions by new users? [duplicate]

I know a new flow for new users asking questions was put in place, but unfortunately that seems to be disregarded by some users. Take this question, for example. It was asked under the C# tag within ...
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Make the "How to ask a good question" guide (much) more visible

I have been seeing so many homework/leetcode/whatever-website questions being asked on SO. They aren't good questions too. These people would just post the website question on SO, and call it a day ...
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Has SO considered a gentler approach to newb questions? [duplicate]

I saw this (following link), and I thought "my daughter (age 9) would ask something like this, and I want her to get good answers and not a brush-off".
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How "mandatory" can we make the help wizard?

I was reading the featured post of the Question Wizard, which is great that it's finally out and has recorded positive metrics! However, I am still a bit unclear on the actual "must use" nature of ...
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New Ask Question UI doesn't allow asker to upload image

I recently encountered a small yet important problem. While, asking a question on Stack Overflow, there is a new UI, and there is no option to upload any image. On clicking on image, it just gives ...
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Ask a question wizard is unusable on Internet Explorer 11 [closed]

When trying to use the Ask a Question Wizard using Internet Explorer 11, the Tags and Review pages expand and shrink constantly, much quicker than the animated gif below, making it unusable. ...
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StackOverflow has a problem with the way they welcome new users [duplicate]

I keep seeing all these low-quality, unresearched posts on SO. And a large majority of them are from 5 reputation and lower. Eventually these new users learn but not after taking a beating of ...
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Why is the new website design not using tables for alignment? [closed]

It's the 1990s, Tables are all the rage for alignment control. Yet I see a disturbing lack of tables in use. This new-fangled CSS is just a fad and will never work, no good programmer will want to ...
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Force a bad question asker back to the wizard [duplicate]

Is there a way to force/suggest a bad question "asker/OP" to use the new wizard The Ask Question Wizard is Live! I am one more likely to ask someone to improve a question or even edit it myself then ...
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'Ask a question' wizard and non-code-related questions about software tools

I'm wondering if questions that relate to software development tools but that don't involve code are allowed on Stack Overflow. The example I have in mind is non-code-related questions about Xcode's ...
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Can we add the Stack Snippet editor to the Ask Question Wizard?

Is it possible to add the traditional tools to the ask question wizard? Not having it in the wizard requires someone to ask the question in a poorly formatted version and then after posting it going ...
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What happened to the Ask Question Wizard / Guided Mode?

I've only checked the Ask Question Wizard when it was in the prototype phase and shortly after it went live. I was just trying to re-visit it now but I didn't have any luck. In the post linked above, ...
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Should there be a Stack Overflow/Wikipedia comparision in the tutorial?

Basically, the purpose of Stack Overflow is to create a library of questions and answers where authors ask questions other people may have too in the future, and other users answer these questions. So ...
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Prompt new users to try Stack Snippets

I've been using SO for a fair while now and only just learned today about how to make Stack Snippets. My initial impression was that code entered into a message/post would automatically become a ...
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