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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

Update: ok, ok, this was a wee bit premature - here's the follow-up proposal: MCVExit redux: I don't need a milkshake to know when I've missed the mark Five years ago, we set out to write up ...
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Announcing the Content Discovery initiative

Announcing our Content Discovery initiative. In this post, we will explain what the initiative is all about, why it’s being prioritized, our initial plans, and how Meta can help us in continuing to ...
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What was the context of the decision to lower the value of upvotes to a question?

In the blog post We’re Rewarding the Question Askers it is stated that: Here’s the history: When Stack Overflow launched in 2007, we gave equal points to upvotes on answers and questions. Three ...
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Stack Overflow, what is your response to ForrestKnight's criticism? [duplicate]

How would you respond to this criticism? Here is a summary of their criticism: A poster wanted a better understanding of a topic but the answerer told him to do more research. People come to ask and ...
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Why is the "this question might exist" search better than the normal search?

I have noticed a thing while asking new questions. I often try searching SO for the answer for some time. With no success, I try and write the title in the Ask Question page, and what do you know, the ...
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What is "Well i asked this question in hamework help section" about?

I just saw this comment under a post currently being obliterated, as it is a homework dump (literally a copy-paste): Well i asked this question in hamework help section This, exactly as written, ...
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Stack Overflow vs. Stack Overflow - What can we as a community do to improve the relationship with the company that backs us?

The relationship between us, the community, and the company is far from perfect. Yet we depend on each other: Stack Overflow (the community) would not exist without Stack Overflow (the company) ...
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When to remove an IDE tag?

Is it correct etiquette to remove tags in the case where a user includes their IDE as a tag? As an example, I quite often see the inclusion of the android-studio tag. Regardless of whether the issue ...
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Is the recent influx of Home Workers and Remote Learning Students impacting question volume and quality?

In the last couple of weeks, many countries have started ramping up things like Working from Home users, and Remote Learning users. Others can't get to work due to the lockdown in their city/county/...
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Request new users to read tag information when asking question

Problem New users sometimes: use many unrelated (wrong) tags. ask off-topic questions, despite the warning in excerpts. Issue We have a tag excerpt, but it's only shown to the user for a very short ...
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Make tags that have associated Stack Exchange sites more obvious

I do salesforce development and was curious how many people ask salesforce questions in the regular Stack Overflow community. Salesforce has released some new frontend tools so I thought there would ...
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Close a question when it gets 3 (or 4) leading 'Close' votes? [duplicate]

Five 'Close' votes* from regular users are needed to close a question (or put it 'on hold') (reference). *Close votes can be of types: 'Close' (can be cast from inside or outside the review queue); ...
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Good to see improvements happening in the core product!

I would like to commend the team at the mothership for their recent renewed activity vis-à-vis the core product. After the many years of neglect concentrating on other adventures which didn’t always ...
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Stack Overflow culture and expectations

I am a new Stack Overflow user, but I have been a lurker for a while. Occasionally I get stuck on things and often look on this site for solutions. I recently posted a problem with some code that I am ...
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Thoughts on the new Ask (Public) Question page

I went to ask a question just now, and was met by a new page: This seems like it's pretty new and I haven't seen any meta posts on it. I thought I'd give some immediate gut-thoughts on this new page ...
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