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Don't care about [gender]

I just stumbled upon this tag on meta: gender Stack Overflow doesn't care what shape or colour a user is. And since Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange is quite publicly impartial about what gender a ...
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Deletion of a valid answer by a mod

This answer was deleted by moderators, I believe by mistake. While it's short, it absolutely perfectly answers the question. The question currently has no other answers. Related to this: I think ...
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What to do with existing answers when a method is renamed in an API?

Sometimes in a popular API a method is deprecated in favour of another. On many occasions, the syntax itself is unchanged. Here are some examples in pandas: sort deprecated in favour of sort_values ...
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Are there different research standards for Meta than for main Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently asked a Meta question about a Stack Overflow UI that was confusing in my opinion. I was taken aback that it got 5 downvotes -- more than I've ever gotten on a Stack Overflow question. I ...
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Are questions specific to Excel VBA's IDE considered on-topic?

I had a question that was removed for being off-topic regarding how to remove the ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn lines from my recorded macros. The reasoning behind the close was that my "question ...
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Make Teams require multiple people [closed]

Recently, Hynes posted an RFP (Request For Proposals) on activity people want to see in Teams, and one of the suggestions raised a privacy concern: Voting Activity Discussions about this ...
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