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Spring 2013 Stack Overflow Community Moderator Election Results

As foretold by Punxsutawney Phil, Stack Overflow's Spring 2013 Community Moderator Election has come to an end. Your votes have been counted according to the hallowed traditions of Meek STV, and the ...
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June 2012 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

All of this election madness is now at an end, your votes have been cast and counted and the three winners have their shiny new diamonds: Please give them a warm welcome, and do your best to be ...
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November 2011 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Well, it's finally over. Our year-end excuse for navel-gazing has come to an end, with four new moderators fresh from the turkey-fryer and ready to volunteer their formerly-precious free time in ...
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Calling up new Stack Overflow moderators from the 2011 election

Because we have a huge moderation load on Stack Overflow right now, I am recommending that we call up the 4th and 5th place finishers from the 2011 Stack Overflow Community Moderator Election. As you ...
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