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Developer Survey 2019 not loading [duplicate]

I just got notified of the 2019 survey. It does not load successfully on iOS 12. I just get a spinning, blue half-circle. Is the site down/broken? Is there a status page that show problems with ...
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Take the 2018 Developer Survey [closed]

[Edit: The survey is now closed] It’s that time of year again—the annual developer survey is now open! The survey will be open for three weeks starting today, and will tentatively close on January ...
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Take the 2021 Developer Survey

Our 2021 Developer Survey opened today! Whether an active member of the Stack Overflow community or not, we encourage everyone who codes to participate and make their voice heard. The survey will be ...
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Take the 2020 Developer Survey

Our 2020 Developer Survey launches today. Whether an active member of the Stack Overflow community or not, we encourage everyone who codes to participate and make their voice heard. The survey will be ...
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Data science time! February 2019 and opinion with experience

Welcome to February's installment of the regular, bite-size, data-focused updates I am sharing with Meta! You can check out previous posts if you like. We just wrapped up the fielding period for the ...
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Please be more careful when interpreting the SO Developer Survey

Please be more careful when interpreting SO Developer data These types of surveys are interesting and useful, but each year I find myself pulling my hair out at poor analyses by the press and internal ...
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2019 Developer Survey results are live

Thank you to everyone — nearly 90,000 developers from around the world — who took this year's survey. View the results >> Some of this year’s key findings: Python, the fastest-growing major ...
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Why can't I open the 2019 Developer Survey link?

When I click on the 2019 Developer Survey link: I get this error:
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Strange URL in developer survey

Today I got an email with a proposal to take a survey: But the URL of the questionnaire is pretty strange: Who can confirm that ...
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When are the results for the Stack Overflow Developer Survey released, and where can I find them?

Each year, Stack Overflow conducts the yearly Developer Survey. The last one has been closed for a while. When can we expect to see the published results of the survey? How long did it take to ...
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When will the 2019 developer survey results be posted? [duplicate]

I can find the tags for the surveys here: Dates of publishing so far have been: 2010: January 11, 2011 2011: February 10, 2012 2012: January 25, 2013 2013: February 19, 2014 2015: April 7, 2015 2016:...
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When will the annual Developer Survey be released?

Has an official release day for the developer survey been announced yet or does it happen on a specific date every year? I have not found any announcement other than this, which only specifies when ...
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What should be done to change people's perception that Stack Overflow is hostile? [closed]

Another user told me to search for questions about "hostility" on Meta Stack Overflow and that is exactly what I did. Many people seem to think that the Stack Overflow community is hostile, unfriendly ...
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Developer Survey 2019 starting date

What is the launch date of the Developer Survey this year? I tried to find it but I was unsuccessful. Sorry if it's an obvious question, but I really don't want to miss it.
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I did not earn the Census Badge for this year's survey

[2019-01-24 update] BUMP. (Yeah I'm not amused. One year and later and a couple more emails to support, I'm still ignored.) I completed the 2018 developer survey, in January 24 if I'm not mistaken. ...
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