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Deep learning questions almost never have minimal reproducible examples

I've noticed a recurring issue that I believe we can improve upon. Admittedly, I'm not entirely sure what the solutions should be, but I think that these problems should be outlined. Within SO's ML ...
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How should we handle machine learning questions asking for performance improvements?

I have seen a lot of questions on tagged with machine learning that are along the lines of "here is my ML training script and a link to a dataset. I am getting x% accuracy, and how do I improve ...
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Dealing with questions about improving the accuracy of neural networks [duplicate]

I've seen a lot of questions formed like this: My neural network is performing badly I have the following neural network, but it has a validation of only 0.6 and I need at least 0.9 Some code for a ...
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Why was my question closed for not being about programming or software development?

I asked a question (picture below) about ML and it was closed because it is "not about programming or software development." Even though it really is not a specific code on the page What ...
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Standard for machine learning questions

Questions like: attract primarily opinion-based responses, since there is ...
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In 2018, why do high profile off-topic [machine-learning] questions remain open?

I've been visiting some highly voted machine-learning questions lately. A recurring motif I noticed is that most of them look borderline off-topic to me. Let's recapitulate the tag excerpt for ...
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Should we burninate the [cryptocurrency] and [nft] tags?

cryptocurrency - 778 questions nft - 248 questions Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? While they are in the same wheelhouse as blockchain, ...
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A suggestion to keep theoretical questions rather strictly focused on coding [duplicate]

I asked a question about how the LSTM regularization parameters are used. My question was closed based on a claim: I’m voting to close this question because it is not about programming as defined in ...
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How can I ask a good question on machine learning (ML)? [duplicate]

I am about to ask one of the first questions involving TensorFlow. I am trying to follow this guide on how to ask a good question. The questions I have seen previously on machine learning topics had ...
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Why am I getting downvotes on my detailed & relevant question? [duplicate]

I posted a question yesterday and I have 2 votes to close, 0 upvotes. Nobody has bothered to tell me what's wrong, and as always, I feel extremely frustrated trying to get help on this website. Can ...
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Can we improve our stance on off-topic questions about deep learning?

We are experiencing an increased amount of deep learning questions lately. Not only does it define one of the latest breakthroughs of this decade in image recognition and other fields, but also easily ...
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Do pure "machine learning" questions belong to Stack Overflow?

I've been bumping into many questions like this one lately, and I'm surprised most of them doesn't have any "this question belongs to stats.stackexchange"-like comments. When I find a question ...