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Best way to convert an old question into a feature request [duplicate]

I asked a question (that was more of a feature-request) almost 2 years ago that received positive votes. However, it was my first question on meta and I didn't realize I should have used the feature-...
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We need to improve the chances of reopening closed questions

The situation It’s a well-known fact that closed questions tend to stay closed. This makes sense: most questions are closed for a good reason. But sometimes the asker puts in the work, edits the ...
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Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?

I'd like to start with saying that I emailed @Shog9 back in August with the text below, because I'm not a particularly good writer, and I was hoping he'd be able to write up a nice post here. A couple ...
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"This question already has answers here" - but it does not. What can I do when I think a question is not a duplicate?

Somebody commented on my question that it is a possible duplicate of another question. I replied and clarified that the other question is about Android, is mostly about the JTDs driver (which I did ...
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What am I doing so wrong when I suggest things to SO? All of my ideas are terribly received

I've noticed that every time I create a post here on Meta, it is badly received. Here are examples I haven't deleted for no reason: "Suggested Edit Queue is Full" should be bypassed when ...
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Should we add option "Use complete sentences" to First Answers queue?

I just did 10 reviews of the First Answers queue. Out of them, 3 were using non-capitalized sentences and lacked punctuation. This seems to be endemic. Sometimes I edit, sometimes I comment. I would ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Constant points reduction

Points in my profile have been constantly reducing. I am sure certain questions are getting deleted that have my accepted answers. (This is, of course, not from "User was removed".) Can ...
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Is searching by user not working?

If I enter the following criteria in the search bar: user:forestg The search results list is the following, very highly-voted questions of all times, instead of questions by the (my)user: No ...
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remove Facebook login

I am sure most of you know that Facebook has a negative impact on society. Even Facebook themselves admitted to this. People like Shaun Parker are tying to help us to move away from Facebook. One of ...
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Put the last edit message at the right of "Asked: Viewed: Views:", on the top, to avoid three operations to discover this change and its purpose

I have edited a question today and also added an edit message to it. Adding information : I'm running Kafka and its Java extractor program locally. 3.1.0, 2.8.1 Kafka versions tested. I believe in a ...
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How can I find hot questions of the current day for a particular tag?

Using this link:, I can find hot answers tagged with android of the current day. How can I find hot questions of the current day for a particular tag? I ...
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Autodetection of bad questions

Reading the post related to The Ask Question Wizard and the section about How to Ask shown in the Ask a question page, I'm thinking on the possibility of automating the detection of non-useful or bad-...
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Idea for Stack Overflow and neural network application: do not allow images with programming code

Idea for Stack Overflow and a neural network (NN) application: train a NN to do not allow images with programming code. It should be very easy to develop. Since the biggest issue is always a training ...
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Cannot find question in duplicate list

This question is duplicate of How do I do flood fill on the HTML canvas in JavaScript?, but when I try to set duplicate flag and type it - the question is not found:
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