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Why is this error message so ambiguous? [duplicate]

I was asking a question, and found this error message: The issue was actually just the word "error" which I was able to find out because of Title cannot contain "How to build XXX in VS Code?&...
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Unable to edit tags for an existing question [duplicate]

I tried to add the racket-student-languages tag to this question, but it won't allow me to do that. When I press the 'Save Edits' button on the edit page, a red error popup appears: Title cannot ...
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Why was my proposed title rejected? [duplicate]

I came across a post while reviewing edits where the post could use a lot of cleanup. So I did, including modifying the title to read: How do I debounce clicks on my marker? When I tried to save ...
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Can't edit a question due to "Title cannot contain [the original, unchanged title]" [duplicate]

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Poorly assessed quality of a question's title [duplicate]

I posted the question Status code not retained in response on re-throw and it went as supposed to. However, for some (to me really weird) reason, the original title wasn't approved. I got an error ...
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Why is my title for the question not good enough? [duplicate]

I asked a question on Stack Overflow and wanted to title it as 'Why "try" does not cause error?', but Stack Overflow automagic says: Title cannot contain "Why "try" does not cause error?"....
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Why does Stack Overflow think this question title isn't valid? [duplicate]

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Cannot edit C preprocessor question due to blocked keyword "error" in title [duplicate]

I just tried to edit this question, to remove some redundancy and fix grammar: #error directive in C? Unfortunately, I cannot submit my edit, because the title contains the word "error" (...
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Are "How does X work" titles banned? [duplicate]

Is Stack Overflow enforcing 'magic words' now? Is there a patch note for this?
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Confusing error message about title [duplicate]

I just tried asking a good question by providing a title that summarizes my question, but it wouldn't let me. The error says nothing, either. How can I make this work? Just rephrase the title till it ...
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Disable title filter when editing questions [duplicate]

I just came across a question that had a dead link in it. I had tried to edit the question but the system didn't accept the change: Since I haven't changed the title it makes little to no sense to ...
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Why won't it let me ask this question? [duplicate]

I just tried posting the following question on Stack Overflow: Why does gulp swallow a plugin error? But the form would not let me enter the question and told me that it was low quality or something ...
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Trying to ask a question about running C/C++ code from CosmosOS but it thinks that I want to run C from C# [duplicate]

I'm am developing a basic OS using CosmosOS devkit, and I have a question: Title: CosmosOS - Run C/C++ code from kernel Tags: c# cosmos c c++ ============================================ Hello, I am ...
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Error when trying to save edit - Title cannot contain X [duplicate]

I tried to edit this post. The title is "Automation Error in VBA." I did not modify the title at all but when I try to save the edit, I get the following error: Title cannot contain "...
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