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Cannot find Android app in the play store [duplicate]

I cannot find the Stack Exchange Android app in the Android play store when I search for it. The link provided here is no longer valid. Has this app been discontinued? If not, when will it be back? Is ...
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Clicking on "notifications" consistently crashes the app [duplicate]

When I click on "notifications" button on the top right the mobile app crashes every single time. App Version: 1.0.95 Device Manufacturer: Google Device Model: Pixel 2 OS Version: 10 (5908170)
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Android App shows only half the code [duplicate]

I am using the Android application on LG V20 phone and for some reason only partial code appears in the app. The rest of it appears blank. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. This makes it ...
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How to add a tag to favorites on Stack Overflow mobile versions [duplicate]

I'm actually using the Stack Exchange app on my mobile phone and I would like to get a notification when a question is added to a certain tag. How could I do that?
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The new design is completely unusable on mobile in Desktop mode

The problem The new design completely broke the appearance of the website on mobile (Firefox on Android) rendering it completely unusable. It is one long strip with the menu, then many, questions, ...
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Is this app a legitimate Stack Overflow app?

This is around 2 or 3 months ago. I came across a mobile app in PlayStore(with id com.sanson.stackexchange) for Stack Overflow which had a large number of bad reviews and most of them were claiming ...
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Are the Stack Overflow native apps supported by Stack Overflow?

While we have a couple questions which obliquely answer this question, I believe it would be nice to have a canonical Meta Stack Overflow Q&A to which to point users when asked for support for the ...
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SE for Android links to

If I go to "Edit Profile & Settings > Applications", the official app of SE shows up. However, when I click on it, it links to, the homepage of the blog. Note that ...
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Why can't I edit posts from mobile?

I am using the Android Stack Overflow's app to quickly access my account and eventually moderate/edit questions/answers. The problem I am having is I am unable to edit any answer even if I'm ...
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Editing comment in SO Android App resulted in escaped format

When you edit a comment in the new Stack Overflow Android app, it converts non-alphanumeric characters into a special format upon opening the editing UI, but doesn't convert them back:
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Android app: comments are offset when they have votes

I noticed while reading my newsletter in bed this morning that comments that receive votes are offset to the right slightly compared to comments that don't have votes. It looks like the vote count is ...
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Stack Overflow now has its own app on iOS and Android [closed]

TL;DR: Today we launched a new mobile app specifically for Stack Overflow. It lets you view, post, vote, and comment on Stack Overflow questions and answers. Download links are included in this post. ...
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