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Are other reviewers opting to use no comment to avoid confrontation and is this a problem?

When reviewing the Low Quality Review Queue, I've found myself opting for no comment needed when there is no previous review comment as I don't want to have my name beside the review comment. I ...
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Should we ban comments asking for vote justification? [duplicate]

I mean different variants of Why the downvote? Justification: Even in the most neutral form (like the one above) they are at least passive-aggressive, and often go straight to the rude and ...
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What exactly about the comments in "Is this really what we should consider “unwelcoming”?" is off-topic?

Is this really what we should consider "unwelcoming"? has been locked due to the high amount of off-topic comments generated Could the mods please explain what exactly about the comments ...
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Raise the limits on down/close votes at weekends, (and especially Sundays)

The weekend homework dumps are becoming unmanageable. User-moderators are running out of their vote allocation much too early. I've run out of dv/cv with 5 hours still to go. I can manage OK with ...
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