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Raise flag for obvious revenge downvotes

I noticed a pattern where after I downvote an answer and leave a comment I get 2-3 downvotes in a row - for example: These two are completely unrelated to anything I've done recently, they're ...
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How are the "Hot Meta Posts" calculated? [duplicate]

Currently the "Hot Meta Posts" are: How are these calculated? Why are posts like this pretty hot post not included?
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How should SO be used? (drawing the line between assisting with specific problems and referring to generalized answers)

NOTE: I'm not trying to be inflammatory or contradictory with this question. I genuinely want to understand. Now that I've explored Meta a bit, I keep seeing a surprising comment on the purpose and ...
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Why was this post locked? [duplicate]

The reason that is displayed is: This post has been locked due to the high amount of off-topic comments generated Yet, every comment I've seen is on-topic, there was only one abusive comment which ...
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