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Status of removing the Excel-vba (and similar -vba) tags

Referring to this posting from Shog9 from 2018 and this request for a follow-up from 2019. Since Shog is gone, what is the status of implementing the removal of the -vba tags, as he had planned? ...
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OK to fix Excel VBA tags programmatically instead of manually? [duplicate]

Is there any reason that existing questions that are tagged excel-vba should not be updated to also include tags excel and vba (if not already included)?       Users have made this edit manually to ...
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Are spreadsheet formulas on topic?

I've been closing questions tagged excel-formula that seem like "how do I do this in Excel?". Is that appropriate? Here is a short list recent of ones that I feel are off-topic. https://...
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Merry Go Round Situation

Scenario After previous changes, up until Jul 3 the excel Usage guidance was: Only for questions on complex formula development or VBA programming. Show your data together with the expected ...
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Tags can be locked to prevent their usage. Should we lock the DO NOT USE tags which are too large for current burnination efforts?

There are many tags which would probably be burninated if doing so was feasible. Most of the DO NOT USE tags have a lot of questions in them. Those tags used to be valid in the past; we didn't have ...
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Tag editor extraordinaire [duplicate]

I would appreciate the moderators looking at the edit frenzy which spans 11 pages of activity and is entering its third hour here.
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What mistake did I make with this edit?

Yesterday I tried to edit a question and my edit got rejected even though I thought it was valid. The edit in question: I understand that the ...
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Let me save the intersection of 2+ tags as a favorite

Suppose I'm a C# developer, but I only program in Windows Forms. I might add c# as a favorite tag, but then I get C# web questions too. I might put in windows-forms as a favorite, but then I get VB....
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Watson wants to get rid of [ibm]

This tag has been burninated. Please do not recreate it. If you need advice on which tag to use, see the answer below. If you see this tag reappearing, it may need to be blacklisted. Watson's AI ...
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Duplicates dichotomy: [excel-vba] vs [excel] + [vba] [duplicate]

excel-vba means exactly the same as combining excel + vba. I cannot see which of them to use for Excel VBA programming questions. Maybe we should burninate the former as duplicate or something? ...
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What to do about [macros]?

This question was last asked about 2 years ago and it is still an issue. The wiki's both seem to have been updated, but the vast majority of people abusing this tag are new users (whom I can safely ...
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Burninate [kotlin-android]

The kotlin-android tag has 32 questions and most of them are also tagged with android, kotlin or both. Since kotlin-android refers to Kotlin when used with Android, it's essentially meaningless ...
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Are broad tags like [function] or [class] actually useful? If not, what should we do about it?

Personally, I never find any use for these tags because they apply to tens of thousands of questions in a variety of languages. Even if I filter per-language in a search, such as looking for "[c++...
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Demise of a tag [closed]

Is it expected that one (or a minority of) determined user(s) be able to single-handedly purge/delete a tag, without discussion or dueness? If not, are there - or should there be - any safeguards in ...
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Synonymize / rename [excel-vba] and others to [excel-automation] / [excel-activex] / [excel-objects] / [excel-object-model]

The Microsoft object models for the various Office applications are language-agnostic; they can (generally1) be used equally well from any OLE-Automation-supporting language. Use of the API is the ...
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