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New layout is taking too much space. Is there option to minimize the left side bar? [duplicate]

I am kind of feeling annoyed with the new sidebar. It's taking a large portion of space of the window and the actual contents are minimized in font size to read smoothly as before. Should that sidebar ...
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Channel left bar is disruptive [duplicate]

After signing up for Channels, I find that a hefty percentage of the left margin is blank most of the time. The content of the side bar is visible and very occasionally useful when you are at the top ...
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Can the sidebar be removed? [duplicate]

The left-hand sidebar is a terrible waste of screen real estate. As are arguably the top navbar and the right-hand sidebar. I'd guess that most devs are on laptops with limited screen real estate, ...
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Can the left navbar be made collapsible? [duplicate]

The new "Home, Questions, Tags, Users, Jobs ..." bar at the left takes up way too much space and is distracting. Can it be made collapsible? I have always liked the way the site looked. It wasn't ...
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New sidebar design on all SE sites [duplicate]

I don't understand what utility does it serve besides being a distracting feature while reading a post. Why has this been added and can there a configurable option to hide it if not removing ...
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Make sidebar collapsible [duplicate]

Can we make the sidebar collapsible, as a regular visitor I already know everything the sidebar has to offer I don’t need it to be shown to me on every other page I visit. By collapsible sidebar I ...
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Is there way to switch to the old UI of Stack Overflow?

I like the old UI of Stack Overflow more, having one sidebar and a menu on top. The current UI makes me feel like there is less focus on valuable information. Maybe this is a just personal thing. So I ...
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Left nav bar thingy has too much whitespace

Related: Too much whitespace at MSO's top Related, not a duplicate. If anyone is voting for this as a dupe of something else, pick the thread where it's mentioned in the answers: Live: Left nav, new ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Is it just me or does the top menu have too many burgers for a healthy diet nowadays? The new one at the left seems a bit Wimpy compared to the others. (Good buns puns may be upvoted and relished.)
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How do I make the central question panel larger?

I read this answer to hide the nav bar: How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? Which I have done, but now it just leaves a huge white gap: Just so everybody knows I wanted to remove the ...
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Make left navigation sidebar items "sticky"

Having seen How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? and its answer, it struck me that there's room for improvement in how the left sidebar and/or the menu-icon works: Sidebar Visible The menu-...
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Sidebar on [duplicate]

I was clicking through my favorite tags just now and noticed the page suddenly changed format and has a sidebar showing up. I'm wondering if I might've clicked something else to suddenly trigger this, ...
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The UI is very cluttered. Could the teenagers clean up their bedrooms, please

[edit] the dupe solved the left side bar, thanks for that! The rest of the space is still cluttered by redundant and useless stuff (as in the same info shown every single time, smack in our face), ...
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Allow logged-out users to hide the left navigation bar

The instructions in the proposed FAQ How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? only work if the user is logged into an account. I propose that we allow another method to give users who don't have ...
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