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Off-topic flag declined because of strange reason [duplicate]

This is the question and my off-topic flag declined because of the reason declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention so, moderators ...
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Declined flag solely because I didn't use standard flags [duplicate]

As part of my Stack Overflow review volunteering, I had to flag a very low-quality question asked by a new user. However, due to the specifics of the problems this question has, I wasn't able to ...
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Why was a flag related to not English content declined? [duplicate]

I have flagged recently one post as not English content. But the flag was declined. Could somebody explain why?
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Knowing when to flag, and knowing when I am being overly critical [duplicate]

Last night, or yesterday (depending on where you at), I flagged a question, and an answer. I also downvoted both. The original question, head & body, was as follows: Should the jsconfig.json file ...
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What's wrong with my flag? [duplicate]

I had my flag declined. The question was a "Do my homework" one. I couldn't find any flag that is appropriate: Spam: it was not spam Rude or abusive: the OP literally wrote: "Write a ...
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How should legal questions be handled? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this question with a custom flag stating that it isn't a programming related question. Obviously this question doesn't belong on Stack Overflow, as you can tell by the question: ...
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Raised a flag on a code-only answer which is mostly a copy-paste and the flag got declined [duplicate]

I raised a flag for this particular answer because the script contains document.getElementById( 'list-home-list' ); and document.getElementsByTagName('hb'); which are not at all related to the ...
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Educating people to flag spam and not vote to close

TL DR Is there anything we can do to help educate users to use their flags and not their close votes on spam? It is not uncommon to see people voting to close spam. Spam should be flagged as spam and ...
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Should "Very Low Quality" flags be offloaded entirely to tag experts?

Some of the Stack Overflow moderators were having (yet another) discussion about what makes "not an answer" fundamentally different from "very low quality", since the former ...
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When is using another poster's content plagiarism?

Is it considered plagiarism on Stack Overflow to take material from another answer on the same question and reuse it with modifications? Details I recently answered a question which had been partially ...
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Be careful when recommending Code Review to askers

Code Review is becoming well-known on Stack Overflow. The folks over on Code Review are happy about that. The only problem is that there are a lot of questions redirected to CR which don't belong ...
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Comments asking for clarification or an MCVE are not rude/abusive

This is the latest comment to be flagged in what is becoming a trend in faux rude/abusive flags. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot see anything rude or abusive in this comment, in fact they use ...
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Can you answer your own questions on Stack Overflow?

As a new Stack Overflow user, I am learning about how to use the system (reputation, etc.). I have had many technical questions that I believe may be useful to post, but I answered them myself. Is ...
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Migration of code questions from Stack Overflow to Code Review

Why is there not an option to close a post on Stack Overflow and migrate it to Code Review? I can move it to other Stack Exchange sites, but only 5-6 of them. Is it because Code Review is a beta site?
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Considering changing the migration process

Most other sites do not want many (if any) of our posts migrated there. Remove the mention of "Super User" from the standard off-topic close reasons Be careful when recommending Code ...
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