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No Thanks, Damn It!

For a while this year, I was on a crusade, editing posts to remove "Thanks". But there were far too many of those posts. So I started to remove "Thanks in advance". But there were ...
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Should I remove 'fluff' (like greetings, signatures, "thanks", etc.) when editing questions?

When I edit questions I typically focus on style, grammar, and spelling. However, in the process I often also remove 'fluff' like: This may be simple but, ... or Can you help me with this? I ...
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What examples are there for Not Being Very Welcoming?

It was hard to accept some of the (valid) criticism, especially the idea that women and people of color felt particularly unwelcome. [..] Many people, especially those in marginalized groups do feel ...
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Why do people post questions that they could Google in 5 seconds?

Related: What if they COULD google their question in 5 seconds? The new Code of Conduct banned comments like "you could Google this in 5 seconds!" as excessively condescending. LMGTFY has been banned ...
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Add terms like 'i am new to', 'i am a beginner' and variants thereof to the low-quality filter and display a warning

I have noticed that many low-quality questions begin with the asker explicity emphasizing that they have just started programming or learning a new technology. Or put another way, a very large ...
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How to handle a new user who threatens to delete their account because of posting restrictions (e.g. 50 rep commenting limit)?

I recently had this interaction with a low rep user who posted a question as an answer: I then referenced How should one ask for clarification on a question if they can't yet comment? After ...
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Do we have guidance for first time askers not perceiving themselves as programmers?

I know that we have some guidance for first-time askers, but do we have something for "non-programmers"? I have found a lot of questions about google-sheets, google-apps-script and other ...
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What should be done to change people's perception that Stack Overflow is hostile? [closed]

Another user told me to search for questions about "hostility" on Meta Stack Overflow and that is exactly what I did. Many people seem to think that the Stack Overflow community is hostile, unfriendly ...
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Experiment request: Temporarily stop showing characteristics about a user in the question preview to certain users

Judging from my overall experience on Stack Overflow and what I've seen happening with others, it might be that users' votes are confounded based on the reputation of the post author, or based on ...
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What to do when a user targets your question history?

I'm not sure why, but recently, I had a single user (who only shares one tag with me) go through my question history, and make very questionable edits to posts that are both new (~1 month) and old (~8 ...
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Add 'this is my first post' (and several other phrases) to the question content filter

It's well-known on Stack Overflow (and perhaps all of Stack Exchange) that the first line of every question/answer is checked using regular expression against a list of unallowed words & phrases. ...
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Why is this a bad question-? [duplicate]

Where is the value when I do this in pandas Series The question is clear, concise and includes a minimal, complete and verifiable example. It's also non-trivial for those unfamiliar with pandas ...
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Detect I'm new/go easy/thank you/I hope... in questions

Would it be possible to detect phrases from the title (thank yous and go easy type, possibly a dynamic growing list) in questions, and when said user goes to post after the initial click have a pop up ...
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How to handle apologetic content in questions? [duplicate]

I make a conscious effort to not be (too) apologetic when asking questions; I regard it as fluff. On the other hand it may provide valuable insight into the skill level the asker has with the specific ...
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