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Can we please have the "Lacks Minimal Understanding" close reason back?

That close reason Yes, I believe it was condescending and somewhat rude. However there is a mass of questions that fall under a crystal clear criteria: They're poorly written. They have formatting ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

The Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming blog post says: Too many people experience Stack Overflow as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in ...
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Should Stack Overflow be more restrictive about new user registrations?

The largest problem facing the site today is the flood of terrible questions coming in, mostly from new user accounts. I've mentioned this before, but I suspect that some of the worst of this is due ...
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Should we have a more specific close reason for vague debugging questions?

For several months now, we've had a close reason (actually an off-topic reason, but no matter) for poorly-asked debugging questions: This question appears to be off-topic because it lacks ...
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Reviewing some awful questions is just a waste of time, can we have a "no comment" close reason for these?

When handling close votes, I find myself spending more time mapping the question to a proper close reason than the OP spent energy writing the question. I'd like for there to be an option "no comment" ...
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"You're Unclear on What You're Asking"

Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I just saw two winners in a row: "Blackjack, Call upon a string" "A list named after the number of a object" These are both from new developers who have little or no ...
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Should an MCVE include boilerplate that's not required just because people incorrectly think it is?

A question came up in which the asker demonstrated cross-browser rendering differences between two complete HTML documents, one with a DOCTYPE: <!DOCTYPE html> <img style="width: 100%; ...
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Are all generative AIs banned? [duplicate]

I recently came across this answer. [The answer has since been deleted - screenshot here]. The answerer's profile acknowledges that We are an AI Generated response community, we are real humans who ...
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How can the example "unwelcoming" comments be improved?

So the new welcome wagon rolled in and brought us more examples of comments considered "not welcoming". While I did participate in the survey and found a few comments that I found not welcoming, I ...
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Could we add a tag-specific MRE page?

Update Based on all the comments and on Shepmaster's answer, I think perhaps it would be better to have an MRE Guideline page (that might include templates) instead of a MRE template page for each tag....
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! Here's a passive-aggressive comment

We've got a lot of comments (> 30,000) that follow this pattern: Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please learn how to ask a question here. As evidenced by... This one wouldn't draw much attention ...
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How to handle users that do not have time to learn?

Question So through the comments it became clear that the user just wants an answer and doesn't really want to take the time to learn. I hesitated to post my last comment, but I strongly want this ...
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What's wrong with this question about debugging? [duplicate] I don't actually see the problem here. Why does this have 4 down votes? I googled the ...
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Deleted Question too broad!

This question: Memory Leak Detectors Working Principle Was voted to close and then deleted as being too broad. OK the question could be considered very broad but the accepted answer provides a very ...
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Is it reasonable to suggest that people asking questions should debug their programs?

At this question Find, copy & paste specific parts of text from TMemo to other controls (like TEdit) based on some conditions I suggested in a comment that the asker should debug their program ...

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