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“Ask a question” wizard prototype

You're all probably wondering who I am and where Joe is. I'm one of the developers on the Developer Affinity & Growth team with him, and I'm excited to tell you about a prototype that we'd love ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

The Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming blog post says: Too many people experience Stack Overflow as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in ...
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What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions?

Update: Our v1 experiment is done. We used a template loosely based on enderland's answer for this experiment. See this post for an overview of the results. Based on your feedback the DAG team is ...
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The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this post. As expected, there is a lot of passion around how we spend our resources improving Q&A. There is an undeniable desire to see DAG focus on ...
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Can we do more than just delete rude comments?

Lately it feels like there's a growing perception that Stack Overflow is not a nice place. I still feel like it's the best place to ask programming questions on the Web, but apparently not everyone ...
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What effect would introducing a small barrier for new users to ask a question have on Stack Overflow?

Recently I asked How many new users does Stack Overflow get per day? According to the user's page, when sorted by creation date, there are roughly 100 pages per day (this is fairly accurate even back ...
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Let's send new users off to see the Wizard

This post is prompted in part by What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions? where Jon Ericson and others have indicated an intention to develop a question wizard ...
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Can we introduce the concept of a MCVE to people before they even have a question?

The concept of a minimal, complete, and verifiable example is actually pretty tricky. It's entirely learnable, and most experienced Stack Overflow users have probably internalized it, but it's still ...
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What are some statistics around the number of users who have a positive question record?

This is probably one of the most brutal queries to write (since I as a mere mortal don't have access to two missing variables), and point(s) I wish to make related to this rely on a high degree of ...
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Can we please disfavor suggesting use of Code Fences in the formatting help panel?

Honestly, I don't like code fences. New users to the site seem to have problems using them correctly, and they create unnecessary work to fix. 90% of the time that I'm on SO, I'm sitting in the new ...
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Should I create a tag-specific question template and ask new users to refer to it for asking good question?

I work on the tag mongodb most of the time on SO. Usually, the questions are about some query composing, like "how can I achieve behaviour xxx?". For us, people who are trying to help, ...
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Can we get a tag post template mechanism?

GitHub has issue and pull request templates. They've become very useful in improving the quality of the content in the issues and pull requests for our repos. I'd like to be able to provide optional ...
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Redesign question comments UI to encourage higher quality and nicer comments

Recently there has been a very useful discussion about how to better moderate rude comments. Most of the discussion there has focused on flagging, deleting comments, warning users when their comments ...
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