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Why was my edit adding information from another question rejected? [duplicate]

I recently submitted an edit to an already well-established accepted answer: This edit was rejected 2:1 as "This edit was intended to address ...
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Updating an answer with additional up-to-date information gets rejected [duplicate]

This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It should have been written as a comment or an answer. I have seen this rejection for my edits twice this week ...
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Should I send students to Stack Overflow?

I teach an introductory course in which the focus is on learning how the machine works: memory, registers, caches, assembly code, and all that. But it is also the first course in which C is used, and ...
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Good question, old version-dependent answer

How should we handle highly rated but out-dated answers to still-relevant questions? Example: How to delete a module in Android Studio (It's a good 1 year old question with 17,878 views) Android ...
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Is it okay to remove code from a question that is unrelated to the problem?

I edited this question to fix the code indentation, but the question still contains a lot of code not related to the problem — three full classes. In this case it's fairly obvious what parts of the ...
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Moderator declined an NAA flag, and the answer is an improvement on other answer [duplicate]

I've recently flagged this answer NAA, since it's a comment clarifying how to change the accepted answer to work with 64-bits Microsoft Office. The answer even starts with For the accepted answer to ...
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What's the justification for rejecting this answer edit?

I had an answer edit rejected because "This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It should have been written as a comment or an answer." What does that ...
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Are there other cases where users were incorrectly blamed not to have done an edit to an answer?

I'm unhappy with following situation: This question from 2010 about Python has a good answer from June 2013 implicitly using Python 2. On October 2013 in a comment it was mentioned what to do when ...
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Edit adds new content to answer that updates for a new version of language

I was going through the edit queue and found this edit It adds new content, but doesn't seem to be against the original intent of the author. ...
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Should I edit an answer to incorporate a popular comment?

This answer is good, but would be even better if it incorporated the top voted comment. The change is very small, only a couple of characters, but I'd also need to update the JSFiddle link with ...
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Is a quote of a fraction of answer-code, extended with an alternative, itself an answer?

Sometimes answers consist solely of these ingredients: A reference to another answer to the same question (with "above", the name of the author, or a hyperlink) A small piece of code quoted ...
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Should answer update edits be accepted or rejected? [duplicate]

While reviewing Edit queues I often came across questions where people edit others' code. I generally rejects them as far as they are not about typos. But sometimes I encounter edits which are kind of ...
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